Learning about Brandon

I am one man but I actually find myself in a challenge for firstly  it been good 5 to 6 year since I’ve been in true Relationships. And so I’ve been able to looking and yet when I see beautiful handsome  man I have to acknowledge his beauty and his  presents.

On the greatest regrets scale it like 10 but since I’ve starting the moving process I have ask myself some questions.

Like:What I am really interested me?

Qell let start with the fact that I’m relax about things and I look for the best in my life. And I want understanding as Well as caring people. Not filing a complaint everytime I get busy..

Like what you have pffer that some body else can’t?

Well in some fashion offer independent I mean we talk but I don’t helicopters your movement and I won’t step where I am not welcome. But at the same I value the fact we are together ❤ and that we both love and have need to be one eachother

I’m the boy in school who all the kid picked on and the kid who sit in class and got Disrespect a lot.

I’m boy who when ask to acknowledge somebody dislike for me I did. And a credit to myself I walk away.

I don’t bullies and I won’t be bullied by anyone. I take a lot of thing with when I was outta school but the one thing I can honestly don’t want in my life and that haters..

I am guy that has fallen for other guys . I love to be love by a man who almost looks like this. But settle it down I know that Dream but some dreams do come true ..

I am the man who will stand against Hate and Bullying of me or my friends 💯.

I am the man who watches all these LBGTQ Movies cause say something about what make us . I am not afraid of the repression cause the fact is this is me . I don’t care about the Haters out their who don’t respect. While their out hating people these are out living their best life possible .

I’m this man now and you can’t stop me .I’ll live my life for me and my love of life and my life. And my story continues to grow and the fact of me being me..

Their is all my link and you see what I am and the PayPal would be to help for housing and This Blog.

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