Brandon’s Life

This is who I am  and for years now I’ve been building  this success and working really  hard to also buildup Friendship and inspire encouraging people.

Yes I’ve come out that I am gay and I  very proud to share it with all. I don’t wanna be unclear with anybody. But my life hasn’t all that fabulous life.

In the late 1997 I lose my first home and I have been so protective of myself and my family I am just holding to a strings just fine answers. As man I am Happy with my life and my family but what about my own life..

This right here is me. When I was 15 year old and let me tell yoy all some being Gay at 15 year back in the 90 was hard. It nightmare if I would come then I think would have been dead. Cause back then that wasn’t accepted. And people would look down on you as if your F class loses or call you Faggot and you wanna the hard truth behind this is that it made feel like outcasts to my family and to some at my school.

This is why I speak cause back then to now in to society we still have that beat or kill a member of LGBTQ movement and not care. But now that laws are become more strict and people are realistic about change you almost feel safe.

Standing together in this Modern-day change is people wktb integrity and honestly to give common sense understanding. It not the doctor to tell how we should be and it not sickness it love and no matter who you are we all have to be acceptance.

I stand in pride of life and understanding. For all people . I see the bigger life beyond the labels 🏷 and status that government officials want to create . It wrong Labeling people. We are not live stock you can’t brand us. But what we all can is Be happy ourselves and stop with racism and hate.

Cause somewhere out their beyond mountains is spectacular life. And it like I keep Hearing it it. The world of people we believe that “We are all people”. And humanity don’t need labels to survive. We realistic people produce positive encouragement in the world and people with respect and support for all people ❤.

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