Justice has been served

Their is no life that is worth death and for these of you who assume that justice has been served then allow me to express my opinion.

I standing with Floyd Family and really check no can help the death of innocent people but remember their was black African American he 75 year old and he was Killed in riots in New Yourk city just after that cop take Floyd life.

So I am asking you all this question if we seek justice for all who do this . What riots that killed innocent people during that protest and what destruction of businesses and government agencies building?

If you to require justice then it time to make justice 4 all just equal rights for all people.. And it time to Bring a few government officials To trial and served Justice on them.

You wanna seek justice for all people who are killed by the people about the People kill in riots and protester in Amerixa.

Their is Saying that stand to be true and thst is ” What’s good for the goose is good for the gander:”

Preserving justice is what we talk about and so I am preserving life and Linerty for all peoples. And to be fair the content of this talk is to make aware of remodeling of Justice and County and City then state government need to have total overhaul.. cause we can’t just served justice on police but we also need justice for these who done wrong and are not taken to trial and they avoided that by buying their out of jail.

I’ll will encourage you to think about this ” if we can get conviction on police then we need to get justice for all people who have done wrong by government officials.

Please Comment your opinion.

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