Children Steve Cohen

Meet Steve Cohen behind the dishonesty . And his actions are just what has been happening all over America And yes I would call out the hate fell Party line of America.

Mark Robinson

Now Mark Made his Point to both party and said “Stop using Black Peopls” as fall back we live in America we are all American. Now I’ve been say this for years.

I’ve said some many times that Democrats and Republicans and some Independent are using the race card as way to win the election and provoking disorder in America.

Now what Steve Cohen did in this video is more proof that Some older people in Government don’t like the truth being spoken. Watch the YouTube video.

Now if you don’t see a problem with his action then you have pointless or stupid to not realize how uncivilized Mr Cohen was with his actions..

Real people have common sense skills  and experience  with accepting differences between  people but acting like children in public hearing is unacceptable. 

A 64 year old  man acting like a child truly said Mr Cohen we don’t need misinformation and if you don’t like the truth then get out of office. Your no good to us people as children

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