July 4, 1776, Celebrate 244 years of Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence was peace of American History just over 244 years old. Its was the Birth of what we call the 4th of July, 1776, Now I am going to document the reason to question all thing as American Deam is attempting to destroy the truth of America . See the fact isContinue reading “July 4, 1776, Celebrate 244 years of Declaration of Independence”

Pride of the Heart

My business  is about building entertainment and having a continuous  revenue and have 5X income with Online and Physical  store and upgrades to the way business is done. Be Bisexual male in business is being true and honest to making true business sense and finding partners whom share my Thoughts in business . I’m takeContinue reading “Pride of the Heart”

Iconic Statement made by Star Trek TNG Captiol

If you speak with respect and you seek to fight injustice. Listen to these words would take warning in what Cap, Pricard said. Because speech is sensors by social networks and big Democrats government Corruption. #Juneteenth I fight for Justice but I won’t defend people who do it wrong way because we have rights andContinue reading “Iconic Statement made by Star Trek TNG Captiol”

💗Be who I’m am🏳️‍🌈

I love being whom I am in love and life with woman and man. Are you so beautiful  to me and it would be great to these friendships .. #AllLivesMatters  #lgbtq🏳️‍🌈 #true  #loveislove🏳️‍🌈💗🏳️‍🌈 #entrepreneur  I love being  be me and I love to be with real Respect  life loving people   and I admire realContinue reading “💗Be who I’m am🏳️‍🌈”

All Live Matter  Vs One live Matter

ACCOUNTABILITY  MATTERS the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility RESPECTABILITY  MATTERS the state or quality of being proper, correct, and socially acceptable. Love a great interest and pleasure in something.It truly remarkable how far hate go when it come to love and now the hate make impossible break. It’s  may not be the longestContinue reading “All Live Matter  Vs One live Matter”

BREAKING Joe Biden Busted

BREAKING Informative conversation with a Ex Joe Biden campaign work has comfrim to me that the #Unrest riots protest were bail was paid by Joe Biden and other #Annonymous Democrats also paid to let #antifa to be free. Following last 2 week riots and looting has become civil unrest thanks to Democrats.. Intention of gettingContinue reading “BREAKING Joe Biden Busted”

Bias Media Coverage Uncovers

I am question the media coverage of Protest and Riots. Yes i am tried of the liar leaker and incorrect information by CNN and MSNBC and false statement made by them and their untrue reporter;.. Now watch the Fox News Channel about Protesters in American. and its form Tucker Clarson Tonight and some of hisContinue reading “Bias Media Coverage Uncovers”

George Floyd And Hate In America

I am not much in the words but i have problem with Hardcord Hate in America and what this officers did just show what is to far. but i have couple question for people who fury about Police unsafe treatment of Public and now i have ask why? American biggest lost was the lost ofContinue reading “George Floyd And Hate In America”

Shattered Biden & Clinton

This Isn’t no foolish media story, but you wont hear this from CNN,MSNBC and anyother Media Outlets I sometime have referred to correct people when speak real issues in Polical view what the leftwing is trying coverup for million of American’s to not be talk about in 2020 election. The Democarts wanna leave the factsContinue reading “Shattered Biden & Clinton”

Wild^Man Journey Continues

WILD^Man Journey Congratulations to Jessica. F st Helen, Oregon Wild^Man start his Daily entries. With a question for everyone. What is your problem with sexual Oregination ? I mean if man is meant to love then can’t we love our fellow in our age group equally. It truly a measure of love when people canContinue reading “Wild^Man Journey Continues”

Sitmulus Bill Plan for America

As COVID-19 build a depression over America, i think it time to expand on a sitmulus building America and let me this perfectly clear i am ask United State to support the America People. But what i am ask for is to upgrade for business accountabily plan for 2020 to 2021 for 1 year old.Continue reading “Sitmulus Bill Plan for America”

Wildman “Social Media”

My wildman is coming with great strong message of building real life study as walk though this world view. and Now wildman has guest which called wildcouple and for reason this is alway developing new twist .. Well the twist come from real life, and this hardworking lifestyle in the wildlife and in the worldContinue reading “Wildman “Social Media””

Dead at 87 year old Music Legend

A great America Music legend pass away Today at 87 year old, Little Richard is one of the Primere legendary singer in Rock n Roll history and Jame Brown play with him and the legendary career in History . I love Great music and is a great Legendary songs. and here the powerful song brokeContinue reading “Dead at 87 year old Music Legend”

Stronger Together Program

Stronger Together programs is set of livestreams on many to innvation of music and talk about many diffenance Things accross the World . but the one thing i am promoting realism in Friendships and more.. My Main focus to give people the oppounites that present them self to our country.and one of the most invvativeContinue reading “Stronger Together Program”


How wise is humanity ? Their was news article that meant with my disappointing news report. Its happening in Multnomah County, Oregon COVER ARTICLES ” Oregon county creates race-specific ‘grounding space’ to escape ‘whiteness’ during pandemic” Have resulting scars turn us back Slavery to cheat the common sense building of individuals whom would support aContinue reading “A HUMANITY VS INHUMANITY”

Love And Life is Amazing Feeling

If you was to ask me i would say a low number but truth was reveals to be Eye opening. 38% is in the understanding love & Empower is beautiful especially when it come to female empowering. 62% Humanity is Amazed building a 5 star 🌟. WAVERING feeling of Happiness and morality is self understandingContinue reading “Love And Life is Amazing Feeling”

Definitely 👍 Justice

Justice ⚖ is alway in Question for people don’t all the Money. Shield of judgment is Absolutely essential for blind Justice has shown 2 level because Government Officials have been dismissed on many charges and yet we call it fair justice ⚖. Hilarious Hillary Clinton has gotten off with email scandal and Failure to followContinue reading “Definitely 👍 Justice”

Youth LGBT Separation from families

Although specific estimates of the percentage of United States homeless youth who identify as LGBT vary widely, estimates generally fall somewhere between 11 and 40 percent. Showing true should come from our Families . But when I think of homeless LBGT youth is disgusting to think that a mom and Dad would kick their own children out all becauseContinue reading “Youth LGBT Separation from families”

Blueprint for Lifestyle Part 1

Realist question is would you walk though this Open Door? Their is people who offers that are more selective Idea about doors and realist would ask why?.. In today world we have all been asking for Equality in light of Hate. But how can we fight equal right when the Democrats want to empower HateContinue reading “Blueprint for Lifestyle Part 1”


So there’s some hypocrites out there who want to see equality is important but there’s also some a quality experts out there who say that we have a quality. As a part of this blog I’m collecting information for a film application that I’ve created a noun like you to fill it out and giveContinue reading “LGBT RIGHTS AND MESSAGE FOR FRIENDS”


We are most alive when we’re in love♥💋. #selfie #family #flowers #loveit #flower #homemade #loveher #friendship #couple #loveyou #monday #homedecor #familytime #homesweethome #selfies #building #tuesday #familyfirst #mondaymotivation #selfietime  #lovequotes   #heart #love #valentine’sday #LGBTCommunity 1 songhttps://music.youtube.com/watch?v=ORrFJ63nlcA&feature=share 2 songhttps://music.youtube.com/watch?v=pZs86eJOICg&feature=share 3 songhttps://music.youtube.com/watch?v=TUnEJM6W-Fw&feature=share 4.songhttps://music.youtube.com/watch?v=sQtnhwU2R9Y&feature=share 5 final Songhttps://music.youtube.com/watch?v=SlbfAYvA_gI&feature=share There’s nothing in life that makes me happier than loving you. You’reContinue reading “💋LGBT BEAUTIFUL LOVE Valentine’s Day💗”

Organized religion against LGBT

So just like everything else I’m to push the limit of what I say but how can you be in organized religion when there is many people out there who don’t even accept gay lesbian transgender or bisexual people in their churches. So it’s a definition but it’s the church and supplys where you’re supposedContinue reading “Organized religion against LGBT”

Lifestyle is Particularly  LOVE is LOVE

Love is making differences between Man 💗.. Is making different in LIFE of real Lifestyle being who you are. If you be real about Friendship  then you half way home in relationships with Love. #ManLoveMan is accept by current standards. If you can love the. You understanding of lifestyle in many different way. In myContinue reading “Lifestyle is Particularly  LOVE is LOVE”

Saluting Black History on LGBT

As much as black History is happening I wanna to being light to African Americans LGBT Movement as it matter to be honest about love and so I’m feature relationships with brother sister in African Americans community. And big part of relationships is knowing that love is love and I share 100% respect and ResponsibilityContinue reading “Saluting Black History on LGBT”

extend personal Thanks Davey Wavey for “Male Health”

Meet Davey the YouTube Master of Real Conversation when it come Dating and his integrity is untouchables. I wanna say Thank You because this truly real Talk Ponit. Thank You Davey YouTube: What in your butt Challenge Real Hit Masturbation and Prostate Massage is Our 🔑 Push Our real talk is Focus of mangasm .Continue reading “extend personal Thanks Davey Wavey for “Male Health””

Male and Female Full Body Orgasm

I am wondering how many wanna feel full body Orgasm from a Full Body massage? Could stand laying nude on table while a massage your whole inside out? If you worry then we all lose the sense of safety. Then is not for you cause this put nake with a towel lay over the topContinue reading “Male and Female Full Body Orgasm”

Perhaps disrespectful

Okay, so perhaps me watching the presidential speech was a little ostentatious and at the same time it was more than shocking after watching tonight’s presidential speech. A sad Democratic party show signs of weakness under President Trump his comeback America speech was amazing. I would give it a 10 out of 10 stars andContinue reading “Perhaps disrespectful”

Could this be bad type hate in 🇺🇸?

Do you honestly believe that your local And state officials isn’t just raists ? Right now in America this Happen it could be happening to you in from of Taxation. I’m making that Party of Raistm is in it self racists . Each one of their pick out a one kind of people. But whatContinue reading “Could this be bad type hate in 🇺🇸?”

Hidden behind truth about Sexuality

So at any rate of writing Mr. Otherwise I always push the limit. So I found sexuality to be my next push to limit do you hide your sexuality the hide because you’re afraid of embarrassing somebody or do you hide because you’re afraid that somebody else in your family might disown you? Would youContinue reading “Hidden behind truth about Sexuality”

Braking overnight

BREAKING: Secret service agents opens up about former  Vice President  Joe Biden and give in depth about some very critical  issues dealing against American Dreams. “President Trump and his allies have made a barrage of allegations and insinuations — some legitimate, others fabricated — about the activities of Joe Biden and his son Hunter inContinue reading “Braking overnight”

Martin Luther king jr.

The wonders of life 😁😎………. #memed #memestagram #quotesoftheday #inspiration #motivation #art #sky Martin Luther king junior ,Monday January 20th 2020. We remember the day we remember the time but how can we ever forget the moment? It’s one moment of time where 1 man stood up and spoke to millions of people all over theContinue reading “Martin Luther king jr.”

Truth about real pleasure prostate.

Strength comes to those who seek it.Let’s share to everyone to make Yoga more widely available.Use and friend tags instead of thanks. Thanks very much !!! So what if I told you says away from men to get the ultimate pleasure by just a simple massage of their prostate why did you? George what ifContinue reading “Truth about real pleasure prostate.”

Young man Name James Higgins

First of all it is incredibly difficult for others people to connect on simple basis points. James here is 18 year old and he want me to help him.so like good Samaritan and I’m going to give it my best shot. James is Bisexual male and love football and he from Florence South Carolina. JamesContinue reading “Young man Name James Higgins”

Friends and Relationship

😘💋😘💋😘😍Caption This…..😍😍😍Comment your Fav🥰😘 😇💋😘💋😘Smile.. it’s the second best thing to do with your lips. 😘💋😍💖😘when we allow hate in our hearts, It consumes us. It leaves no room for love. It doesn’t feel good at all. Release it. 😇💋😘💖😘💋I have no need for people who come to me when they need me, then throwContinue reading “Friends and Relationship”

Where is love Gone?

👋 I’m Brandon ans this week I’ve decided to make concerns to Everyone about few Topic. Love is left the country. I am seriously pointing out obvious Errors in the World. There is obviously a glaring Miss connection with women and men and where love starts and where friendship begins.. but also there’s an obviousContinue reading “Where is love Gone?”

People of the Year

One of my favourite things about having a Presidential debate is hearing all the contradictions they make… it always pop up! ::::::::::::::::This is how far people will go to justify being misunderstood. It People have been so offended by comments that Democarts and Republicans make to justify a lie or disrespect. But the people aren’tContinue reading “People of the Year”

Springfield Oregon

Welcome to This city name for one Television Show still airing on National TV. For first time I am sharing highlight of the Springfield,Oregon. IThis my real conversation about Rang of Transit with Lane Transit District Passengers. And my biggest goal is building my business for feature and also building more friendship. I love theContinue reading “Springfield Oregon”

West Coast Nation: Is California Leading the Country When it Comes to the Rising Homelessness Epidemic?

By: Sai Marie Johnson  Historically, California has been a place we have looked to repeatedly to see what trends we should expect for our country. Alarmingly, the newest of these trends is one that everyone in every classification in America needs to be abreast of homelessness. According to a recent report organized by the U.S.Continue reading “West Coast Nation: Is California Leading the Country When it Comes to the Rising Homelessness Epidemic?”

Breaking Short video “RUMBL”

One of my favourite things about having a vegan debate is hearing all the contradictions they make…they always pop up! ::::::::::::::::This is how far people will go to justify consuming babies. People have been so offended by comments but aren’t offended by the needless lives taken. If people wants to condone animal cruelty then theyContinue reading “Breaking Short video “RUMBL””

Merry Christmas message

Dear Lord, order my steps by your mercy today. Make my way prosperous. Keep me from evil and keep evil from me. I ask all these through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.爐 #marrychristmas One of my favourite things about having a vegan debate is hearing all the contradictions they make…they always pop up! ::::::::::::::::This isContinue reading “Merry Christmas message”

Saturday video blog

Wishing you all Marry Christmas and well I’ve got the power talking Point. This week we’ve see our first unconventional statement by Democrats. And this week I found out a big fact that speaking to word Unconstitutional. This Trump current campaign poll and his 3+ lead according to Fox News. Doug Collins “Democrats can’t winContinue reading “Saturday video blog”

Finally Friday closeout

One this week we’ve gotten history making differences in America. Trump Impeachment: If Impeachment Articles Are Not Delivered, Did Impeachment Happen? | National Review https://t.co/1WwfOwISyY — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) December 20, 2019 We can’t deal with Pregnancy of weaponize Juridical committee of Congress. To wrongfully impeachment.. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=3QQt55D4J_Y&feature=share This week top song for my final FridayContinue reading “Finally Friday closeout”

Introducing: Sai Marie Johnson

Here my primary purpose is to introduce myself to you – but what does that mean exactly? An introduction is a moment in which we meet someone or come in contact with something for the very first time. It is the moment that many consider crucial as it also encompasses the first impression. However, weContinue reading “Introducing: Sai Marie Johnson”

About me and print Truth

It ticky to be single and the true is being friends and friends with Benefits. And so I’ll be looking to advancing the moment to finding Bisexual women who accept my bisexuality. I’m single I’m 32 year old I’m brown eyes and Hair I’m 5 feet 6 inches I’m 230lbs pounds I’m looking for realContinue reading “About me and print Truth”

Democrats Drumhead

A drumhead court–martial is a court–martial held in the field to hear urgent charges of offences committed in action. The term sometimes has connotations of summary justice. The term is said to originate from the use of a drumhead as an improvised writing table America values are burn by this Group of Selfish Democrats. SoContinue reading “Democrats Drumhead”