Plan Pleasure Night


You sure your ready for this pleasures please me night ?

Cause i am going to explain few items for this to take place if you have any question about what happen then you have your answer is NO cause this about the women just as much as it about you to.

Now my question: Are you sure you’ll ready for this night?

While you think about let me be perfectly honestly you and the women your going to donate to her happiness with the pleasure pleases night mean that you’ll going open up to each other body with

Next were going to start with the women and the need to know about female!

  1. Did you know that the female body has over 85 pleasure points their body.
  2. Did you know that the virgina has over 60,000 pleasure sensors down in republic of women privates
  3. Did you know it take avager of 30 to 45.5 minutes to have compliment to to Orgasm and if done right you will have happier women in bedroom..
  4. Did you know that if you give her the delightful pleasure of compliment she will always be grantful for the diamond you share with her body..
  5. Did you know that a female body can also handle the type of orgasm that make their whole body quiver and that is just that half of it for most women their is way more if you continue some will completion with liquid that squirted when hit the high point of orgasm..

now their all the 5 things you need to know . now if that mean you feeling out progressive moment of rapid segaments of pleasure for her and you and the only peace of mind that i can offer you is that in that the night you do all this you will have totally compliment her body for the good feeling you and her share.

About 75 percent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone — that is without the extra help of sex toys, hands or tongue. And 10 to 15 percent never climax under any circumstances.                                       “ABC News”

Now this is 75 percent of all have never reach orgasm, now i am really surprises to me because if love is true each and every women should be able to accomplish a orgasm with the love of life..


I would be unhappy if my Women wasn’t compliment with orgasm completion, and i am sure that this something all of us need make better pleasure for our Women’s in our life. 

  1. if you can’t have open conversation about sex then your already done!
  2. Now you can have open conversation about sex then you already on your way!
  3. if your lifestyle has been limited to want to hear then truly disappointment to many women cause if your male you should have common interest in women.. 
  4. common interest in women is lifestyle, sexual encounter and true happiness ..
  5. make them as comfortable as possible as you and also show what real love is.. 

Breaking: I love you of Relationship

I am posting a few story that i have found about the relationship that don’t make connection and what kinda of sexual pleasure failure for women by the man she thought would share compliment to her body she did to his compliment as she did..

The Sun Times  publish a story about self pleasure women and i am have few more story about pleasuring women and what make true love..

Lisa and Michael share a great relationship but in the past year with michael she has never experience an orgasm with Michael, She love him,

Now before i got Lisa is 23-year-old and she has never had orgasm or climax to have an orgasm .

i have talke lisa and michael the reason lisa is happy with Michael because their share same tasted in food and music.

Lisa and Michael will have to make arrangement to seeking advoice on bettering the pleasure lifestyle and i will have indepth looking at more couple who are willing to talk..

Now i am going to start self impovement on lifestyles and i would like all of you to become a part of the conversation with lifestyle change and continue to explaning the love and pleasure lifestyle.. 

Unity and Equality for All

Civil Union Has approved of the LGBT movement. with respect to the love not basic having sexual basic when it comes to identifying the sex you must love

Now i am going to advance my thoughts on this same sex union is about be who your are.. I love to say that everyone will accept this but in really we deserved to be love and weather you like or not it is love..

His majesty the king Ty Jones

Hi5Maj3sty has become official has newest line of merchandise roll out online story .


‘Tye Come here’s” T-shirt and you gotta check him out..

Here some the greatest video creator that is tye and royal lions are working on..

You be a Fan of a Man who does some amazing content and it got over 2 million hit and follow on TikTok and more social media including Facebook Tye Jones

MayNard Batiste  Artist and Social media

🏳️‍🌈Artist 🎨  Equality 🌈Self-love 💘  True love 💏

MayNard  is amazing  👏  artist and friend ❤.  I love his music and he very entertaining  man  especially when you see a love story inside of himself.

I Love music and the truth is this man has been great inspiration  to me .

TikTok : Maynard

Instagram: mbatiste

Maynard is Amazing man and his attitude is fantastic beautiful man.

I love MayNard Batiste videos and Music and his Story inspired me .

LOVE is Beautiful in Tiny Home in Canada 🇨🇦

I featuring this week YouTube Celebrities. And this Monday I wanna to share with you my reader the joy of making real Family feature to mens who have done it.

Todd and Tyler

I went to YouTube and Google and starting research a two business men who made their family and you love to meet the men.

Their two fabulous beautiful men’s and they share common ground that made wonderful couple to feature this Monday for special i like the Family.

Toddy and Tyler both share a background in Business and talent for Accounting and they both meet on Dating App. And truth is love is Happening ..

Todd and Tyler

Check out their YouTube i haven’t miss a episode yet. And you really love the channel cause learning Cafts is some they both successfully share.

I love to have interview with them both but right now I just wanna make sure you go check them out on YouTube.

Don’t you ware a mask to cover truth

We could stand for truth in life of light of the lies we have created.

It expression for all type and no matter you look this it life greatest creation for two or three people..

You can’t stand in judgment of me as man I will kick your ass if you so much disrespectful to me.

I am 33 year old and I am 5ft 6in tall and I’m love of other men’s. I make no excuses for being Gay .

Who we are is alway been question by these who don’t think of other. What we as people is still same with only change is we same love . I bare no disgrace as good children.

Love make love beautiful and two people really love eachother it will come true in people like men.

Stop with mask and stop having us cause we are Gay . Instead love us cause we are human just like you and if life mean anything to two people this should mean everything to you❤

Our Society is built on love and our trust is to be true 👍. We don’t judge and we don’t stand for hate . Cause what we are is everyday people . And love us or leave alone..

I am Gay

Today since wednesday i learn that what i am didnt matter, It’t what we do in our life that matter. Being isnt the wrosted thing in this world.

I am sure of two things. When it come to be real the key for one person to remember who we as people and overcome that jealousy or that hate for one other in our life..

ive walking though all the way of falling into love but truth is that when i do fall into love ive gotta to be for the really of life and what my family think. cause no matter what i am still going to be who i wanna be. finding a man who share these common creditablity of honesty and loyality for be real about being true to what we are..


I vsn hpmest be a engaging as man and shelter these feeling of love and caring. Turly amazing men have in order exist you have want to be somebody.. Now weather we rise about the hate and fear and put away the race and rise above the inhumanity of the devil.

we are all subject to dishonoresty in our life.. I am surly to know what make us better. As men’s we have to justifed in our action and follow where our heart lead us as people and as lifestyle grow and become more then what are as people..

Tight up understanding of being Gay Male in some fashion has it challenages. One is the truly inhumanity actions of people choose to spread hate and dishonest for people whom take moments and turn sorrow and sadniess by some standard..

I am here to say that with time and proper understanding we can appericate life and the people who are same sex couple cause the founding of who we are was basic self-truths that we still hold true today.. It anti anyhting to love other man or other woman.

this matter of love out loud is bonding and common pleace in our life and being acceptable by the all way of life and truth is we need to ride of statements that overall disrespect people and demoralise the words that hurt us the most. become real about lifestyle and learn accept all things from start to finish..

The three words that standout to me is LOVE, EMOTIONS and understanding,

As a men’s and Women’s we need to work as team to workout problems. see the benefit of understanding is adorable team of truth and honesty

It’s common call for my love

I am standing up for myself and im posting my truth about me and giving honest about me. i am 33 year old and excetly 10 days. This week i decide to make my choice and be truth with myself and the people around me.

Yes i am gay and i am truthfully honesty with myself as man and person who seek honest love and sweet touch of truth love. and the my first time with a man was amazing and now i coming to be with is a man is be my love of good man ..

If you can’t stand this kinds of flim then i am ask to scroll on. i love these flim that matter. and truth is i found answer to this mraningful relationship..oh wait for these can understand just wait..

you can’t tell that this isnt beauty personify in the eye of man. and when i am ask to use my imagination to building my relationship then this make a difference to me.

taste for imagination make it run wild. i love to see what this had for body and after all we all have a very healthy fanstay life. so please give me the credit. i mean as man i think if you’re imagine this beauty then you have love man as i do..

i want you how the turth is become love when they don’t know they love each other. and you really learn about your self and this i learn about by test myself on the movies cause i learning about myself.. though watching difference movies and that how we advance life and understanding thought music and movie

Im going tell the turth, I’m Gay

This will make more sense when read this whole story.. As propsect of my story is going to share with everyone soon..


okay so i am serious found myself and maybe this isnt going but the for 15 year ive pretending to be somebody i am not .. it not something pride of cause as writer i seek to truth and after months of choices and relationship that failed. i had to fine myself this is why i am coming out and this give a peace of pride knowing that i was with myself for the first time. and that i handle being gay cause that who i am..

Soon i have my coming out video up and ill be posting my video / vlog to for you to watch..

Moment of love

Love is like birds, hold them tight they die, hold them loose they’ll never come back, hold them with care they’ll stay with you forever

My goals don’t stop for anyone. Either you support me or make it happen alone. Either way, it’s going to happen.


I will love to have this every day and one day love will happen when it time. You gotta believe in yourself truly blessed.

Quote To you

The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself.

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How big is your imagination?

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My special Birthday pick include man and woman pleasure talk.

#finally in less then #2day this #bloggers @brandonvaughan83  will be celebrating #33birthday  on 11th of this and #single  #bisexual  #male  seeking male tones to slim to regular body who see companionship #loveislove  #lbgtq  @eugeneoregon_ seeking age 24 to 36 years old

First article

Male size.


Second article

Orgasm for man or woman


Third article

Male Culture for pleasure


Fourth article

Sexerciser part 1 and 2



I’m excited I’ve been doing this edition for weekly close blog and I’m really happy to announce the application for modeling and YouTube minis series are being create too..


I am going walk through the understanding of pleasure including the way seeking a true Idea prostate with men and or woman giving it to the one who wants it.

Now we could learn how to explain the male orgasms, and yes I will be sure to encourage you to be sexually proactive and explaining simple love attractive draw to exotic body massage expanding the feature of sex drive.

I truly enhance the feature of pleasure to myself. I am 32 years old and my thought if you love someone then do them with pleasure is a total part of a sexual commitment to each other body.

Now you hat this but I am only trying to improve the sex drive of man and so could be positive encouragement for guy and girl. and it never for sure thing but it actually adds the sense of trust and love in you current relationship or friends with benefit.

Male culture for Sex

First of all let put dirty words out for awhile and then let be real sense of words.

Male is sharp edges and in some fashion is critical secures of female body development for excitement and physical ability for experience with pleasure.

Male reaction to female Body is eye only . Just the eyes the idea is reach level of comfort and Compassion.

See the to much of focus on female Butt. But in same case their is focus on male body to.. You can’t hide you feeling or your reaction. Man or woman

We’ve appeared to be unfeeling for some men’s and women’s that is true .

I’ve got a good reason for fitness type. Once reach the understanding point for sexercize and why to expropriation of male and Female body..

If we improve our life then you can Understand the new exchange of routine in sexercize workout and pride in each body.

See inspiration come when you put your workout and Overcome Stereotypes of being nude and your partner as welliness and driving Stamina for physical passion during sex drive.

Woman equally sex organs in two of three ways

Remember when you were learn sex education for first time.

It physical pleasure to which all seeking once reach 18 year old and something are just to pleasure.

In fact if men can handle be touch then their incredible drive to push stamina and sex drive is to make it better..

The woman know Woman in honest and men know men the best because of body.

The is a lot miss characterization of male and Female but truth is that if study the human body of both sexes you would learn what alternative facts for making stamina last way longer and giving each other mind blowing orgasms for him and you.

Now yes if woman go reach their peek though Ass just like men and spell out a real sexual exploration And if share in Happiness then your building a sex stamina and Drive to go longer and Each of you want same and that is Pleasure .

I’m Brandon and I’m pride to share more and I looking for great sponsorship for this blog and I’m double sharing my idea and get more report for you.

And plus making a return in 2021 for new season is the wild man series..

Sex size of Male

You have to remember that men and woman love and Humanity is about for fellow Man and Woman.

If your size matter then let take about this .. cause for atlerment pleasure it can be challenging but when you’re  willing to invest in yourself it will payoff.

It probably your last chance to help with Stamina  build but your don’t wanna do this by yourself cause you need trusted the one you love.

I’m sure you wondering why your looking  a man but their good reason cause their point of access to some insight of making you feeling man Orgasm ..

See if you go though you butthole you can milk the male reproductive Organs. And it massage but inside your butthole and it really like male Orgasm it Produce to Higher sperm and Cumshut over time it will make sex last longer each time.

Tom Phillips defense Samoa Joe

I Can’t stand behind Seth Rollins and but i can say that Tom Phillips has right to his Opinion and Seth Rollins need to grow up .

Now one man I agree “Seth Rollins is getting everything he deserves . And if i general i would standing rule that no matter the opinion you can touch any member of the WWE Announcer team..

This the perfect team for Monday Night Raw with Tom Phillips in place of Michael Cole..

How would have Sexercise

Hello I’ve been work on this story their a some shocking experience you learn when your blogging but i am one of the few people who explore the odds of getting new workout and also provide you with some ideal experience in healthy learning of Male and Female body .

What would say if you have pleasure but also get full workout losing step and add excuses routine your couple 💑 routine and it build a Stamina and Mindset.

You probably burn more calories if you add excuses routine to increase sex drive with Stamina improvements in bed and in general positivity activities to include some insight into sex standards with Stamina .

Now I am talking about two people experiencing more physical therapy together like push-ups could where one lay down and other kiss you each time go down and other things.

YOGA is great Stamina for sexual stamina build a great pleasure . And also a exotic massage with no pressure just help get the place of engagement of passion can best driver ..

It’s normal to masturbated for sexually pleasure or just heighten you sex Awareness in bed and it is interesting to help these whom seek true exotic massage cause draw on body and senses to build more energy consumption of body emotional experience and put positive energy to help center of orgasm inside to out side body and Stamina because long as two bond together in these moment.

Breaking new look

Before my haircut . Now withy birthday in 12 day I’ve got my haircut cause the one wish come true..

bisexual #birthday #bdaywishes #entertainment #loveyou

Now your turn to find a hair picture before and then get it cut for after ‘Haircut challenge’

I’ll tell you what is on plan 🙂

  1. Hangout with friends if possible on video for common ground conversation
  2. start my own business by 11 of August 2020 for 33rd Birthday in 12 days
  3. Getting my own Po Box for my mail cause I’m package from friends and fan on Instagram
  4. Finding a 2 bedroom with 1bathroom with office space and Entertainment room for general Guests and.

5 Present my business plan to companies who would have interest in Non political views. And finding some with interested in Entertainment and front me about $1500 to $3,000 to get information in front of top entertainment companies and push for Openings of Studio in Eugene or somewhere in United States that support a growth of new entertainment business online and include a warehouse deal for feature merchandise.

As you’re reading I’m hope proving that standout is not always what need but to have 1 or 2 people believe in dream and celebrate with me on my birthday. I am looking to save feature and become a entertainment business online and include way more.

Hate in Eugene Or

Eugene Police became aware of a planned protest at the US Federal Courthouse starting at 8pm on Saturday night. Based on activities in Eugene and other cities, EPD staff staged to protect lives and safety, and the group engaged in free speech activity, as they blocked streets, and as a counter-protest formed with several members carrying firearms. Numbers of the groups combined to well over 300 present.

Officers in the area witnessed a man firing a handgun into the air amongst about 300 protestors. The man who fired the gun was contacted away from the protest by officers and subsequently arrested for Unlawful Use of a Weapon and Recklessly Endangering Another Person. The weapon was discarded by the suspect as he fled the scene, but recovered by officers with the help of witnesses.

Just before 10PM, the counter-protest had dispersed and someone launched aerial fireworks toward the US Federal Courthouse as the primary group moved in a march through Eugene streets. Members supporting the protest group disrupted traffic while the protestors remain in roadways. EPD units did not interfere with the primary protest, since no property was being damaged, and since no violence was taking place. The group size remained over 200 as they moved toward Downtown Eugene.

When the group marched to the Lane County Jail (At about 1017 PM), members of the group threw fireworks into the employee parking area, and lit smoke bombs at the front of the facility. The group left marching through Eugene streets after about ten minutes at the jail.

At about 10:46 PM, the group formed at 8th Ave and Charnelton Street. Members of the group removed EWEB signs in the area, and about ten minutes later tagged the front of the Police Auditor’s office. At about 11:00 PM, the group passed a business near Broadway and Willamette and people tried to remove a picnic table from a local brewery. As they moved eastbound from Willamette at about 11:12 PM, members of the group tagged the building and broke windows at the Wells Fargo Bank on the
corner of Broadway and Oak Street. Although holes in Wells Fargo windows were large enough for entry, no suspects were found inside.

The now-riotous group moved eastbound on Broadway; tagging buildings and breaking a window of Whole Foods (Broadway and High) at about 11:20 PM and someone was observed ripping up a street sign as another carried a torch. The group moved quickly eastbound on Broadway to Elkhorn Brewing, where members of the group launched fireworks at the building, tagged it and broke several windows at about 11:24 PM. Employees were inside the building at the time and managed to escape safely as police moved into the area to prevent further damage or harm to life safety. It’s important to note that police were not on the ground during much of the initial hours to avoid any escalating presence. Monitoring for crowd and pedestrian traffic safety was done remotely via drone. EPD didn’t confirm the Well’s Fargo broken windows, which was the first violent act that characterized the riot until after the group passed. It was about 14 minutes from knowing about the first broken window to intervening and contacting plus admonishing the group at the Elkhorn to prevent further destructive acts.

Officers gave admonishments to the group that the assembly was unlawful, and no arrests were made as the group moved northward on Hilyard. The crowd size was still over 200 hundred based on observations from several angles. Additional street signs were torn out. Subjects from the crowd moved past NW Community Credit Union and rolled a dumpster into the roadway, while others tried to start fires at the US Federal Courthouse around 11:32 PM.

The group moved past the US Courthouse, and made their way onto 7th Ave Westbound against traffic. A support vehicle drove behind the group as they occupied all lanes and blocked one-way traffic eastbound. The driver of that vehicle failed to yield to admonishments to leave the area or to police officers following. He was arrested by EPD at about 11:44 PM. Additional arrests followed as subjects refused to disperse. Despite this fact, the group continued to move through city streets. A second male suspect and a female suspect (who turned out to be a juvenile) were arrested for Riot and Disorderly Conduct as they drug newspaper boxes into the roadway and were throwing rocks at the officers and vehicles. Officers were engaged by subjects throwing rocks at them near 8th Ave and Lawrence at 11:56 PM, and had to deploy pepperball munitions to prevent the attack from continuing. An individual was assaulted by a member of the riotous crowd at about the same time. Officers continued to take projectiles as they followed the group into the Jefferson Westside neighborhood. At Jefferson St and West Broadway, officers attempted to defend themselves from incoming projectiles just after midnight by deploying two canisters of CS gas. This was effective, and several members of the crowd left the area. Officers reported having fireworks launched at them by members of the same crowd.

Despite the above, at 12:10 AM, officers were pelted by large rocks by members of the crowd. Several officers received minor injuries from that assault. The group moved back toward the US Federal Courthouse as members left in multiple directions. Additional arrests were made near 8th Ave and Mill Street.

A total of 7 adults and 1 juvenile were arrested as a result of the riot.

EPD identified some of the damage and timelines of damage through the subsequent criminal investigation, which is ongoing. Additional arrests are pending the criminal investigation and review of available surveillance video from businesses. EPD is asking the public got assistance with video or photos of any criminal activity that took place.

The following is information regarding arrests made last night during the riot. There is one arrest, of a teen female, that is being depicted on social media that needs some context and that information is provided first, with the rest of the information about arrests following.

To provide context to the activity prior to the juvenile’s arrest. The female was part of the larger the rally. As police were moving to try and engage the group in their vehicles, she pulled items in the street to block their path. She then threw rocks at officers and was charged with Riot, Interfering and Resisting Arrest. She was arrested based upon her actions prior to that video running. After arrest officers determined she was a juvenile and she was released to her parents and cited in lieu of custody.

There are others seen in the video in regular street clothes acting aggressively and they are not, as asserted, EPD officers. They have no affiliation with our police department. There was also an assertion the female was subject of a taser and that is untrue.

EPD’s goal was to try and make strategic arrests to avoid using crowd control agents.

The following individuals were arrested during the riot:

Case #20-12099

The Following Arrested under Case #20-12094

It now clear and when do get done with this dishonest oregon governor Corruption by Democrats

And i n my own home town and this isn’t peaceful . Thank you Democrats your not seek justice to save civil rights and your personal issues have done this to Oregon no thanks to Governor Kate Brown..


Fantastic  wave of Domestic violence in United States .

Here what I can blame and it fit because when disorder take over . I take to seriously extreme.

Now it truly time for Marshall’s law to close these cities  that can’t have peaceful  protest. And yes it would be worth standard of America .

Marshall Law is legit time for in Portland , Chicago,  Eugene and other cities in United States  and it time for talk no more injustice because the Justice  you seek is not in way you want it.

RACIST Democrats  have Brain wash these people so now it our job to gain control of anti American  lawlessness  happening in America.

1.You can abandon the rule of law whenever you feel the need cause it significantly increases your chances of Jail time for you actions.

2. Justice is write to enforce equal  rights of law across America.  And if continuing violence  against police it time for Marshall law in cities where law and Order has vanished..

3Bible: “Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, and please the widow’s cause,” (Isaiah 1:17). “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8)

Now I am say under general law if protest can’t be peaceful  then it act for best interest of public and Transportation  safety. .

I would enable the Action of Domestic violence  and Terrorism  on people refuse to follow the law. And arrest as Terrorists..

It truly one of most inhumanity groups you will ever see. And I would tell that kill 71 African police and they take other lives too. And Black Lives Matters is no better and it lay at feet of our democratic leaders.

July 4, 1776, Celebrate 244 years of Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence was peace of American History just over 244 years old. Its was the Birth of what we call the 4th of July, 1776, Now I am going to document the reason to question all thing as American Deam is attempting to destroy the truth of America .

See the fact is that several parts of the United States Government have been attempting to delete our freedom, And if you think the lies have stopped then you haven’t seen the disappointing statement by Left Media like CNN and MSNBC and their corrupt

Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

I am pride of the way I love myself  and I truly appreciate  being a Pansexual and sharing my love Man and Woman who share this conversation ❤.

Now is it this plain of be human and knowing the love is Man and Woman equality this why I am pride 🏳️‍🌈 be open minded 💯.

I am way more but the other I try my best to earn my way becoming more successful in this youtu.be and Build Seccussful business.

Pride of the Heart

My business  is about building entertainment and having a continuous  revenue and have 5X income with Online and Physical  store and upgrades to the way business is done.

Be Bisexual male in business is being true and honest to making true business sense and finding partners whom share my Thoughts in business .

I’m take Adult entertainment and Family entertainment including merchandise and we will be using online and create new brand of entertainment as building entertainment we will move to a complex service of Entertainment including television network and Radio Stations network with entertainment busimess

My entertainment company will be committed to the American Dream and help our youth with their business dream and committed to achieving the best in business and that always be true to hard work.

My goal is $250,000 Startup

$5,000 for Compenhenive website and Moderate economic development and Blogging includes launch mobile applications.

$15,000 advertising and marketing services for merchants and Merchandise purchases of all type of entertainment including age verification service .

$20,000 start the modeling plan a hybrid build made for entertainment and hybrid equipment for commercialize services.

$15,000 Online entertainment for Paid pre view service . And free Television Network online and On satellite and Cable.

Iconic Statement made by Star Trek TNG Captiol

If you speak with respect and you seek to fight injustice. Listen to these words

would take warning

in what Cap, Pricard said. Because speech is sensors by social networks and big Democrats government Corruption.


I fight for Justice but I won’t defend people who do it wrong way because we have rights and freedom’s. But we need to come together and talk about issues and offer a good business opportunity to Building good community services

If dont sit well.. well it not meant to . it meant to call out Injustice and fight for rights and Laws of American. And their iconic saying that balance me as man and it something of tried and true speech .

Now we move to the true man speech with amazing man who speech ring truth to light and we contiune to fight for our lives and stop injustice. And as we cross the this river of injustice i called the man who spoke to the millions of people believe in his words and who share in song and who attended the church who served

Now if this woman made here mark then why cant people use common sense to speak out against the millions of injustice that are happening around the world. and Maybe i see what real refrom come from. and this is total injustice but she spoke to injustice and i want to hear her story.

I am standing on my moral say that what happen here is biggest injustice but also what happeing in America now is destory the real American Dreams. and now i am speaking out by using my works to reach common ground and Common sense to seek fair and Balance reform United State Justice Systems .and make different defending good Police and calling out bad Police officers.

I publish my videos last night on what happening in American. Now i giving my opinion as it relate to current situlation in American ..

💗Be who I’m am🏳️‍🌈

I love being whom I am in love and life with woman and man. Are you so beautiful  to me and it would be great to these friendships ..

#AllLivesMatters  #lgbtq🏳️‍🌈 #true  #loveislove🏳️‍🌈💗🏳️‍🌈 #entrepreneur 

I love being  be me and I love to be with real Respect  life loving people   and I admire real Dreams of American culture  . I m always  wanna to start a business soon..

Sexually or Racially

What day have come today when social is allow to happen and real question is does sexually play factors in “Black Lives Matters “

Let see the point I’m trying to make is random act of disorders is not true American. And when you dishonor the code conduct for all people and the more freedom.

We are are arriving at peek in our road and we need to make All Lives Matters to America. And stop the identity game and use common sense..

Judge me not as race but as Human

It not a race it one single man whom as for pace and purely goodness and live matters .

I speak for all who understood peace. I don’t speak for hate  and I truly speak for goodness and lives matters for all people and Humanity..

When I see this it not humanity it evil  witch is running wild in hate fell Democrats party.

I do not pose as God but this purely  evil  coming from left wing whom acknowledge this will be judged as they have just this common community. 

Step to fire and face the truth. Don’t  lies to people who try to get peace but think of millions of lives in danger every day cause of careless Law Enforcement. 

If you buy the lies coming from Desperate left wing Democrat’s..

I am very aware of “All Lives Matters ” and telling the truth according 🇺🇸 America 🇺🇸 . It called standing behind “All Lives Matters “.

All Live Matter  Vs One live Matter


the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility


the state or quality of being proper, correct, and socially acceptable.


a great interest and pleasure in something.It truly remarkable how far hate go when it come to love and now the hate make impossible break.

It’s  may not be the longest road but in my eyes it the realistic  about  All Lives Matter  in America.

I mean we can the Hate speech on The Media bias we hear on TV from MSNBC & CNN . But have to make Change for betterment of people. Cause we already losing if only one life Matter.

Injustice  bright us here then we need to stop . And reaffirm our lives matters.  It’s  really statement to American citizens whom  have  no regards humanity..

George  Floyd’s was credit to man kind. But at the same time this is the 17 African American  to die while under police  custody..

Now this not excusable the follow are also not necessary  or acceptable.

When people burn small business and brake window and looting other business it just uncover the bias and Humanity to  inhumanity 

It kinda like this where once again you see the inhumanity of life . It also show our current  standards  witch lay at the Democrat  door.

But before you go an make policy you need to look for  answer to pasted distracted people. Everything in America is rule under 2 selection of laws and when people see that you begin  to understand why we need one standard. Cause your rules can’t applied to these above the law.

Government  Corruption in Democrats

Yes it true top Democrats  have phony up fake information  to prevent  legal justice from happening in America.

First 3 strike and your out Hilary  Clinton  but the wise things cause Democrats and had to be free and once prevent legal applications of Justice  she able to cover up her criminal history  because CNN and MSNBC wouldn’t  acknowledge  Clinton  family  crimes against  American.

American Dream hater show thems self more time then not . I truly believe the One to blame for is Democrats whom show above the law. And if the Democrats are above justice then we’ve got our reason fight for “All Live matters ” cause we need Justice on these Democrats including George Soros.

BREAKING Joe Biden Busted

BREAKING Informative conversation with a Ex Joe Biden campaign work has comfrim to me that the #Unrest riots protest were bail was paid by Joe Biden and other #Annonymous Democrats also paid to let #antifa to be free.

Following last 2 week riots and looting has become civil unrest thanks to Democrats..

Intention of getting this interviews was to make statement that expressed the lies that is the Democrat party..

1. I ask What part of the campaign are working for?

Answer: I worked as speech Writer.

2.I ask about the protest and if that was why She Quit ?

Answer: No but the part of the reason is because was sending money to public relations to bail out these protest that where rioting and Looting these store.

3. Ask her if their was decision inside the Joe Biden campaign for President?

Answer :She said their feelings of hate for America civil society is being deployable according Democrats Committees.

So I write the this complete this i will be doing video blog with some leaders in Oregon.

Bias Media Coverage Uncovers

I am question the media coverage of Protest and Riots. Yes i am tried of the liar leaker and incorrect information by CNN and MSNBC and false statement made by them and their untrue reporter;..

Now watch the Fox News Channel about Protesters in American. and its form Tucker Clarson Tonight and some of his information is pretty Fair and Balance statement that respresent bia in the Media .

Now before you overlook the issues here is the typical response from CNN on Donald Trump following President Press briefing by Jim Ascosta CNN white House Reporter.

Now Jim Ascosta is one the wroste reports that has in opinion and the fact he called a report said a lot for the type report Clinton News Network Present. And here the what Fox News Seasn Hannity has to say about Mr Ascosta

Now We go to Don Limon CNN and his Bia show though the His hate fir Fox News and the riots and Terrorist anti America statement from His Broadcast.. And his True hate for Facts information ..

And here what Fox news by Hannity statement follow Don Lemon statement on CNN. and Far left does the people have watch Totally Fake News CNN .

Now let move to MSNBC wild misinform statement and what really happening in American. and how far left wing media have made false statement and yet Social Media Flag the statement of Deployable according to Democrats .

Now if you buy this then here something you really need to see follow MSNBC statement after Chris Mathews resign .

His statement follow the resignation vs his Retirement speech on Headball according the Chris Mathews on MSNBC.

I am not disappointed by bias reporting that happen every day but what we don’t talk about truth and i wish their fine for liars in media who don’t report fair and Balance media and this I’m working on build non political media and we only report what true and give the voter the chance to speak on behalf of each other and #AllLivesMatters.


Hello readers

I am working on project called “All lives Matters”. We can’t continue to fight injustice together.

When riots and Looting isn’t the Answer. And it now show far hate run when coming peaceful protest.

I am America red blooded man . And I support real people who show Pride for people and whole believe in American Dream and also support Fair and Equally application of justice

It Just as important to have To police to protect and served as private citizen i wanna trust in law enforcement . And I wanna take a opportunity to promote “All Lives Matter “

George Floyd And Hate In America

I am not much in the words but i have problem with Hardcord Hate in America and what this officers did just show what is to far. but i have couple question for people who fury about Police unsafe treatment of Public and now i have ask why?

American biggest lost was the lost of Common Sense. in the community of real People and what going on in American. And this why i am writing this out cause what happening isnt protest is Riots and the right to Protest is unwanted or dishonest Democrats.

Hate Speech in America is Coming out of the far left and disappointment is sitting in Blue States and what happening is what Passed President said when hate raising in America cause Democrat Party, That dosen’t support American Values. Their actions are unreal. I am not going to apologize cause if the hate then listen to this..

The Action of Leftwing media is promoting this hate in America, And the force of hate raising and it not just Civil Rights anymore so the fact remain that people who watch CNN or read Twitter are become unconstitutional by legal standard and the democrate continue to people hate in America.

In America 🇺🇸 Now

This is Absolutely unacceptable and it just Ant-America .

The Journey come to ENDLESS Mob Mantally that we see on Television.. And i think it Degrace by the people of Democrat party….

Shattered Biden & Clinton

This Isn’t no foolish media story, but you wont hear this from CNN,MSNBC and anyother Media Outlets I sometime have referred to correct people when speak real issues in Polical view what the leftwing is trying coverup for million of American’s to not be talk about in 2020 election.

The Democarts wanna leave the facts out of the truth behind the uncover sexual assexual allagation. True Wich Joe Biden and William Clinton and why the Democrats Would be able lies.

Now video has severl things. This must matter cause i believe that Some in the media would this Shattered to remain qouite and truth is it cant’t remain that way cause Me2 movement should rise up and stand up for Woman and it shouldn’t matter if it Democrats

If PBS News is covering this for Democrats then let me ask why do you have to agnist Woman whom claim Joe Biden sexual Allegation review and why can’t the me2 stand up for these woman like when Bill Cosby was Tried and Convect?

FoxNews is Making Justice Jeanine Perro on Tucker Carlson, And i think it show the Me2 movement to will go, Just not against Democrats Party or High Power Government Coverup.

See this what the Democrats want you not to know and the Truths. and The statement in Debate on 2016 their was moment when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump call out Bill Clinton Coverup. and He got off scott free.

Let be honest for the people who sitting wondering why i am taking this on because we facing a 2nd level covering and it will fall because the Democrate have been liying to American’s People for over 50 years and their lies are starting come up and maybe the biggest problem is that FBI was Dirty during the 2016 election and now the truth arrivaling in big Flash News statement.


Wild^Man Journey

This week has provide some insight to lifestyle 🙌.

Like life we’ve been able experience with eyes of wild man journalists skills has come to Philosophical power in lifestyle..💖💝

Everything we do is for reason beyond the fact 💯 humanity. And it truly makes us happy weather Man & Woman and or Man & Man in facing serious Physical Sexual feelings.

Walking around in light of Angels. Making the true expression of heart grow. Some Time you’ve been truly loving each equally 💖.

The story continues Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Wild^Man Lifestyle


Last night   celebrated the true meaning of not being  Judge…

Wild^Man is been on a  Journey for lifestyles.

What we seek is truly  remarkable in lifestyle. Common knowledge is that we all have multiple lifestyle.

But how do the Love of people is so well understood. It truly not man or woman it about how see love. And if you accepted version being Real As human…

#WildMan  #lifestyle

STAY tune Saturday, And Monday and Wednesday and Friday . Wild Man continues

Wild^Man Journey Continues

WILD^Man Journey

Congratulations to Jessica. F st Helen, Oregon

Wild^Man start his Daily entries. With a question for everyone.

What is your problem with sexual Oregination ?

I mean if man is meant to love then can’t we love our fellow in our age group equally.

It truly a measure of love when people can look beyond sexual identity.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: … For with whatever judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with whatever measure you measure, it will be measured to you.

Is it beautiful how love blooms into beauty of uncommon ways.

STORY Continues Thursday And Saturday and Monday

Wild^Man Journey

This Sunday Wild^Man Journey bring to the Question term or meaning of words.

WILD^MAN Journey

While its unrealistic to think of man as simple . It also realistic to think of man as common.

Wildman ponder this as he looks in mirror, Now if the reflection show you life would you want to be call common?

Realistic about life and time Wildman start considering that term.

Too be consistent in life as wildman you’ve really got be honest enough to encourage man Humanity to love life style..

Story Continues Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday.

I’m prompting for Mother earths magic. And love has no limit.

Sitmulus Bill Plan for America

As COVID-19 build a depression over America, i think it time to expand on a sitmulus building America and let me this perfectly clear i am ask United State to support the America People. But what i am ask for is to upgrade for business accountabily plan for 2020 to 2021 for 1 year old.

As result to Closure of the Small Business i would suggest to apply the rule of State of Emergance in United States. And create subtitle for create revenue building for the first 3 year old and making reporting system for 6 and 18 months building first step..

Sitmulus Package Building America From “Cares Act”

Phase four shoud be applied to building America and giving every Americans the oppunites to create revenue and supporting America,.

first step up $500,000,000 for sitmulus for every America to receive single is $2,000 and then couple is $4,000 for the next 1 year during the Covid-19. outbreak. This would boost the ecomoic and offer up a second chance for america recession .

Second step up 1,000,000,000 for sitmulus of small and medium size business off 0% interest loan to help reopen small and medium size business.. And 2 years return on 0% loan for the first 2 year. and after 2 years ful return loan each business could adjust for 3 to 4% new loan term for anything larger then $200,000 after 2 year.

Third Stepup giving a 5% Tax cut on property and payroll for up to 6 to 12 months over the first run.. this would encourage new and more progressive step to Rebuilding the American Dreams. over the next year.

Finial Stepup Declare National Debt cut to help offset the covid 19 profit lose. and would offer our firends in other to plug the cap and fill .

Care Act 2.0

Let talk about this idea I am writing to American people. And maybe this would kick starter over the next 6 months to 1 year..

America Sitmulus income $5,000 to $99,000 and Check for Single American $2,000 and Married America 4,000 for up to 6 Months

American stimulus income $99,001 to $199,000 and Check single American $1,200 and Married American $2,400. For up to 6 months

American Revenue and Taxation cut across all selection of taxation from Income to Property Tax %0 interest rate for 1 years for all taxation paymemt.

Frontline Booster kickback for 2020 all medical waste extraction and truck drivers.

Bond to kicker for up to $1000 during the COVID-19 And the assessments would income base and go as high as $4,500 plus regular paid each month though federal sitmulus direct pay options…

Essential workers would be set 6 month of combat pay. During COVID-19 and this would also be a tax free sitmulus extension to insure our frontline workers have the protection supplement for COVID-19 retroactive to 6 months pays. family can still recovering this income if frontline pass away for Covid 19 widows endorphins.

Wildman “Social Media”

My wildman is coming with great strong message of building real life study as walk though this world view. and Now wildman has guest which called wildcouple and for reason this is alway developing new twist ..

Well the twist come from real life, and this hardworking lifestyle in the wildlife and in the world it measure to be about enhancing each other way of life liing..

#WildMan#LifestyleWildman is base on learning about lifestyle. And this time the wildlife have special style that enhanced style of interactive with other people.Everything people seek to be has no promise in less we seeking Relationships with True lifestyle. Wildman seek to prove a Trojan horse we answer for our Sexual happiness 😊 .

Alter the Involvement of lifestyle is Function of understanding. Wildman is ask for assistance in improving real life with men and woman engage the passionate but for the children to learn real way of Lifestyle choices. The story will continue Sunday!!

ture wildman fining beauty in love weather it be in animal or in human but the wildman is thr dream of lifestyle and opening mind of men and womans.

stay tune the story on facebook and on here for you all to read..

WILD man is swinging

It truly Wild Man that Grows with new story Develops into personal life challenges into Features.

Wildman #story

New Day for Wildman as you see his excitement isnt limit to his mistque. A new was revealed to be a Seccessful Anchor Woman at local station in Seatall Washington.

Wildman is feeling good and having seek the perfectly clear. Of humanity. But it Because we all have wild side. And if I am right this will be sustained for sexuality..

Next will the wild be expected to open his lifestyle for test love with a other Man or what?

wildlove #Wildman is story of odd potential for all sides of sexually as he has question..💖

Where is this Wild Man 1.0

Could the wild man have A wild mist of humanity love . The shadow is Blind. One Dream could be Wildest Man in your current lifestyle.

Is it natural to see the man from wild be the desired of lifestyle of Woman..

Wild Man could be the most involve with differences between two people and could be that fire 🔥 that sexy desire that make your feeling expose your heart to the wild side of the feeling.

A wild Man is admire by mother earth. The wild man was create by the inspiration of Woman.

Mystery is in the Man of the Hero. And great could be the Imagination as your will be the great story to omit you secert passionate.

A secert life of America story wirtter is that building create that sitting in your minda and settlement of man vs imagination is lack of be real about your story..

Let start with slim imagine of beauty inside of all of us. as the man watching in the shadow while a beautful woman undress for showwe and slow cover her hair with shower cap.

Social media story telling and using on My website too. So we continue if you wanna see more come join me on Facebook

Where is this Wild man?

If you had to know whom the wild man is. And how about the mystery of the Greatest love or the wild.

American Hero is called the wild man. This folk tale of lifestyle. Blending of style for Wild man create by story of history as never told tell now.

As this story it start on cold Sunday Morning Where feel good comfortable snuggle partner..

Beauty of life is truly in nature as God has lay out in green 🌎.

Lifestyle is come the wild man is coming…

Dead at 87 year old Music Legend

A great America Music legend pass away Today at 87 year old, Little Richard is one of the Primere legendary singer in Rock n Roll history and Jame Brown play with him and the legendary career in History .

I love Great music and is a great Legendary songs. and here the powerful song broke though the bonds of music and made history in the very Afican America Artist in Rock N Roll world of Music ,

Rest in Peace Little Richard and we’ve been May 9, 2020

Stronger Together Program

Stronger Together programs is set of livestreams on many to innvation of music and talk about many diffenance Things accross the World . but the one thing i am promoting realism in Friendships and more..

My Main focus to give people the oppounites that present them self to our country.and one of the most invvative way is to make sure that everyone is doing well and has communcation with all friends and families accross the country.

Their our first goal is upleft the current relationship accross America and making our Frontline workers are able to be safe and health and in this social distancing it very hard on the Health care works in America to distance do to the line of work..

this week i am going to feature a few song that have upleft me during the Pandemic in America and share Stronger Together initiative and offering up some idea for a Slogan . “Great Stronger America Together”


This song is true cause our is so hateful with Democrate party playing devision policy and wanting to sell off every inch of the America Dreams. and if you dont believe in America Spirit of the “American Dream” then we already lost America to other Country. And this Cant happen anymore ..

IF stand together we are Stronger Together in America and “We stand United.” i am asking all people to stand united with proud in the red white and blue in America Spirit..

Goal is Raising 150 million American to stand united in America “Great Stronger America Together”

Woman is greatest

The Greatest place on  is in a Woman Arms and for that we are truly blessed #CareisLove For all woman

If kisses were water I would give you the sea. If hugs where leaves I would give a tree. And if love was time, I would give you eternity.

#empowerwomen #lovely #lover #loves #lovelive #tagwagai #funnytext #memes #love #woman #heart

In life we’ve made good and bad decisions for ourselves. The real joy come from the World view of be better .

But rule have in the fair amount over last century.

Woman have been the grounding for which all men come see wide open view and woman taken the bigger careers and advance their own views but some still cheat history..

Empowering Woman

Would be great to cuddle in sweaty hot oral physical  touch.. It such amazing feeling to that love 💘  make beautiful memories and making  true style the woman in man or woman life..

Sir just like a woman has beauty so does a flower and when a woman is treated right a flower can be the most beautiful thing throw on the it can drive her heart crazy they can make her feel special and physical sense and a collective feel special in an emotional sense cause love has no ending with a woman who is understanding and compassionate to your needs as much as your compassionate to her needs.

So sentimental value can oftentimes lead to something like this and it’s the most beautiful thing on this Earth and as a matter how it is but the love carries through the hue and power women they will be the most compassionate most excitable person in your life and there is your companion from the inside out when you come together.


How wise is humanity ?

Their was news article that meant with my disappointing news report. Its happening in Multnomah County, Oregon

COVER ARTICLES ” Oregon county creates race-specific ‘grounding space’ to escape ‘whiteness’ during pandemic”

Have resulting scars turn us back Slavery to cheat the common sense building of individuals whom would support a barbarism of injustice with return to Slavery except this time it under the dishonesty eyes of Democrat..

noun “ARCHAIC”

The practice of tricking or forcing white people to work .”the prohibition of white slavery”

Except this time it just Archaic term that behind by unfair statements in Newspapers statements that hidden by inhumanity outrageous statement by extreme Democrats whom want kill millions of people as Injustice to America People..

Love And Life is Amazing Feeling

If you was to ask me i would say a low number but truth was reveals to be Eye opening.

38% is in the understanding love & Empower is beautiful especially when it come to female empowering.

62% Humanity is Amazed building a 5 star 🌟.

WAVERING feeling of Happiness and morality is self understanding of woman and the empowering the true meaning of Woman in common sense roles.

Spread of dating and Empowering self And Business wise growth in powerful meaning Building lifestyle.

Action is power seeking rights and equally important and empowering woman to stand for America Dreams And Standard of being true eachother Sentimental value.

Definitely 👍 Justice

Justice ⚖ is alway in Question for people don’t all the Money.

Shield of judgment is Absolutely essential for blind Justice has shown 2 level because Government Officials have been dismissed on many charges and yet we call it fair justice ⚖.

Hilarious Hillary Clinton has gotten off with email scandal and Failure to follow the law by Federal Law and we covered by FBI Director James Coney .

As Beauty of life

Their all sharp and sizes of Life and the Crouse of Man’s and Woman’s is Standing for Fashion and Pleasure.

I seeing Beauty in all things like Nature like sweet life of Fabulous Men’s and Woman’s in supportive 💕 love 💘 of good Friends and truly 💖 amazing souls of humanity ❤.

Sign of style is how you can make  yourself available and share these intimacy with a Man and project a Feeling to love and passionate of humanity ❤ earth.

Definitely feeling soulful in love is a matters of the Female and the Matters of Male body..

Female body is Absolutely 💯 learning styles of Rare Sexual Passionate from inside to emotional experience for physical sexual for Male & Female body.❤

Everything you learn come naturally thriving over desire of passionate positively about woman and man bodies.💝

Simply Life Morals

So someone told me years ago that morals dignified prejudice I pry agree with them because that’s what we have in the societie prejudice self absorbed people who don’t care about life but what they can get out of it for free

So just like a cloudy afternoon people in societee have the same dignified response to every situation you’re in a Cavid-19 outbreak or pandemic this has turned into a nightmare for a lots of people.

The new normal for the United States mask on millions of people yet it’s almost a design of scare and militant actions by a foreign country were covid-19 was 1st discovered.

Search a beautiful land surrounded by the red sea compromised by a severe pandemic which were spread to millions of other people in other countries and yet we call them our allies when they are covered in an enemy coat.

And we peacefully surrender or unity our prosperity our country our credit to these people who have no morals who live in a country that is corrupt by nature and covers up the truth by known facts. Enter media is a state run propaganda machine which pumps out lies and deception to cover up their mistakes.

So the prophecy of a new world lays before our feet but at the same time I hear people calling for a boycott of the front line workers I hear people calling for a boy cut of truck drivers I hear people talking about these stupid things that America has and yet they do not understand what truck drivers and medical staff and the medical centers and the science centers around the United States have been doing to bring us back from this pandemic that has been created by a foreign country known as China.

Is it a lie you ask the lie lays in China the truth lays in America with nearly half a million a people across the world dying from Covid-19 and the Coronavirus not even 1/10 what we should know this is why I call bullshit on the democrats.

C China is full of deception they don’t know how to put the truth out but the truth is is it what happened across is country lies at the door step of china’s foot and if the Chinese president cannot admit to creating a dangerous psychological virus and trying to kill millions of people well then he is lying about a pandemic that cost millions of people’s eyes put a lot of people in danger and the medical’s societee should be outraged at china’s inability to accept responsibility.

No I’ll be the 1st to say that I will put no one above the law but China is put themselves above the law the world health organization doesn’t recognize America doesn’t recognize the UK doesn’t recognize the mistakes they’re being made in China by the fake media mob that lives in China and then he got the fake media mob here in America like CNN and MSNBC they don’t give 2 hoots about the pandemic as long as they can lie and put Chinese propaganda across their network.

C president from has been trying to work with China president trump has been trying to get the truth about the Corona virus and its dangerous vaccine that is spread and lead lives that has taken this is not a joke but china’s propaganda does not see the truth although Chinese Communist party will lie about the American people they went out tell the truth so I seek the truth and I seek the lying media of the Chinese media and the lying media of CNN MSNBC and all the other left wing conspiracy media it is out there they refuses to call it out for what it is which is a Chinese virus the Corona virus was the deadliest virus on record and president trump had the biggest success and tell this virus came along and thanks to the democrats we were unable to get a handle on it until after president trump’s and pietra trial was over at the end of January what the h*** do you guys thinks going to happen.

So I wanna say to president trump thank you thank you for being our United States president for faithfully be offending the honor and integrity of the flag of the United States of America thank you for standing by the American wo road warriors the truck drivers and the people who do the work that other people don’t want to do the medical staff the scientists the United States country as a whole those road Warriors those truck drivers those people who do the jobs that no one else can do I wanna say thank you.

Cuddling is ?

If you could define cuddling ?

to put your arms around someone and hold them in a loving way, or (of two people) to hold each other close to show love or for comfort: She cuddled the baby and eventually it stopped crying. They sat in the back row of the cinema kissing and cuddling. Showing affection.

Giving reasonable talking about cuddling

Girl thinking: Cuddling stands for safety. Think about what cuddling means to a woman. Her Daddy cuddled her and protected her when she was little. Cuddling a woman triggers an emotion in her that makes her feel safe with you. … When you hug a woman, she gets to feel your strength.

Fall in love: While hugging and cuddling, the hormone Oxytocin is released and processed. … The hormone is also sometimes called the “feel-good hormone”. So yes, cuddling can cause strong feelings but they are only temporary so long as the whole Oxytocin process is active. Love is simply a bunch of chemical processes really

Intimacy: Being in the arms of a lover is more intimate than sex. The reason for this is that cuddling does not require any performance. Quite the opposite, cuddling requires being emotionally available to another person while lying still. If you are scared of intimacycuddling is the most innocent activity you can do together ❤

Simple cuddling is true comfortable way of many things.

Woman made History

March is well it is a month that counteracts 12 months of the year and also represents women.

Rosa Parks and lady that took place in history and made of her own. When everything in the world was going to ship Rosa Parks took a stand on a Alabama bus line and did not give up her seat for that she got arrested for that reason she is the lady of the month and this will be a lot more ladies of March cause I got a few that have made history in my book.

Meet a wonka trump a lady who is proven herself time and time again as a very prudent and bright business woman. This lady has overcome a lot of diversity a lot of men societee and she has proven that she can be as successful as her dad Donald J trump president of the United States of America and dad to ivanka.

See women is always score pretty high when it comes to making inroads there always diverse in their ways they achieved multimillion dollar success stories and some have a chewed more success and hard times and good times so this is to all the men and women who look to achieve better and this is especially to the women who achieved so much that I want to say thank you and congratulations on your success and continued success.

Love message for friend

The real start is being completely honest with each other and in some way love balancing yourself and the amazing life you have around you..💗when you heart broken😪I’ll be their to comfort you in hard times. 💑 giving my support to be your best friend ✨

In life we do not always get what we are expecting, but we do get experience from what we go through. It’s all in the way you look at it.
The best friendships tend to be with people you can be openly weird or sarcastic with, without that person taking offense.

💑Someday when the pages of my life end, I know that you will be one of its most beautiful chapters.🥰

💋One of the reasons why I love you is b’coz you make me smile for no reason.

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Patriotism or communism

Ladies and gentlemen I just went off on Facebook and now it’s your turn check this out.

Meet the most commonest socialist leader and the whole free world his name as Vladimir Putin and as one of the person that follows this man and you know what I hope the American people read this because I’m going to fuckinh blast them all over my blog.

I’ve never been so mad until I saw this picture pop up on Google with Bernie Sanders sitting in front of a Russian flag this is not acceptable.

He is running for a United States president’s seat and hes sitting in front of a Russian flag that Communist son of it which would sell out a country like America for bread lines food lines in America that we don’t even have now this is not the way the United States is supposed to go in this will not happen.

See I finally so the problem I figured out the mystery to why the democrats don’t want to tell us the truth but C like California Washington DC as any Room big O fickle problem they got running miles like Bernie Sanders AOC Elizabeth Warren on all these little freaks at lived there and they don’t care about the American dream they care about double taxation triple taxation and all they can get from the tax payers and millionaires.

See the democrats have taken shots at our churches religions and are chapels in America and these same democrats call out christians as being racist fascist but yet they themselves are racist in the matter which they speak Democrats is nothing but a joke

C while they were trying to impeach Donald Trump on some phony impeachment charges they were actually trying to sell off America to Russia they did not tell you this because they knew they did they wouldn’t get to vote but the promise is it these phony a** democrats and their little political standing grandstanding just backfired I just solved the whole case of why they were trying to impeach and honest man and a liar that is Bernie Sanders and the Lizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi in all these democrats in Washington DC.

See these monuments if allowed to be torn down destroy the American dream these monuments stand as reminders of what we fought to become our freedom our ideas our expression of America and yet these democrats expose their weakness and their inability to control their government their imploding on themselves and the lies and the misconceptions are coming out to be most self evident as they target each other at these democratic speeches in stumps and stuff across the United States.

C as we celebrate black lives and black history month we also turn our backs on the American people as a Democrat say but I am proud to call anybody my brother and everybody’s my sister and brother at any time but I will not let America be sold out for a Communist bread lying in the United States it won’t happen.

The lies stops here if you want bread lines and big government keep going the way we are going because on a tell you what it only works in Russia and China and places there aren’t the United States this is the United States of America this is a country that our forefathers built this is a bill of rights the Constitution and all those things that made america what it is to day and if we as American people cannot see the fucken writing on the wall of what these democrats are trying to do to us they were fuckup and we’re outta luck come election day

See this is Oregon state senator Ron wyden he is joining Bernie Sanders and trying to remote communism in America I want everybody to know what this little b******’s is doing to America behind your backs they are selling out America to Russia one piece at a time it was in about Ukraine it wasn’t about the president Donald Trump’s phone call with the Ukraine minute president it was about the fuckinh dirty rat Russians trying to come in in for trait the democrats to sell out America so we get out massive bread lines hunger homelessness and an unknown number of fatalities as a nucula war broke out between the United States and Russia.

See what you’re not seen in these pictures is what Nancy Pelosi actually did at the state of the Union what you’re not seeing in these pictures is what the United States democrats in the democratic national committee have done behind the American people’s backs.

And now and now ladies and gentlemen this is a moment you’ve been waiting for this is the video that you need to watch that you need to show to everybody you know and this is the video that needs to either shake the faith or get the fucken birds out of the nest and get them out to vote for Donald John trump come November 3rd.

Please welcome Mr. Bernie Sanders and the Russian sell out himself Bernie Sanders

So as a courtesy and a can a post a rant than I posted on Facebook but I am going to say this if this does not shake the American people to the core then we were bigger trouble than we started.

Full Exotic Body Massage

Real question: do you ever feel comfortable with a person giving you an exotic massage from head to toe?

So the real question is is would you allow him or her to give you a full exotic massage?

In the real answer is it if somebody offered to give me an exotic massage I would say yes because the plain and simple truth is is in with a comfortable person and a nice person doing it you can experience true amounts of pleasure and happiness.

Surrendering to and need surrendering to a want surrendering to pleasure all these things matter because for one night only you should experience a full entree of pleasure and relaxation and the idea is to allow that one person that you ask for the exotic massage from to do what you feel comfortable with.

18 year or older warning label

So in the following video that you’re about to see above this article is an adult film and if you’re not over the age of 18 you can’t watch it but it is about being real it’s about experiencing something new if you are willing to experience the new in a relationship you’re going to be doing a lot better..

If you can experiment with exotic massages then you can handle them because they create technotronic orgasms in the male and female body and when you get them in the right spot you can obviously understand how much pleasurable it is to have somebody close to you and you can share love and understanding and a lot of things that you can’t share invoice but in spirit.


I made AM another video blog site I look forward to having you all there and you can follow me subscribe and also email me. when you’re ready.

I says I’m also creating the unity project that is supported by many I hope that you wanna join if you’re interested do a video sharing or unity support and the LBGT community.

You’re the only LGBT Community I miss all day😢 when I’m surrounded by everyone, ‘coz I’d rather be together with LGBT 😍👫💯

So the community continues to grow and I continue to spread the message of unity I want obey to think about it voting this November is going to be important and getting to make a good choice don’t vote Democrat because they don’t care about America they only care about their pocket books and Bloomberg is an all born races he is grouped all bunch people in together and he photocopies all of you in one group and that is wrong.

Say it’s not just about us is not just about how we look at things that spot how we do things together how we function as a person as people and our sex lives our humanity rests on getting it done right the 1st time.

So as a voter as an American I’d encourage you all to look at the race that is going on and the political realm and think about how you gonna vote because the wrong vote consent America back 5000 years socialism doesn’t work and never has the bounds of power will be unequal to any power that we have now the incredible mis conduct of Justice that we have right now will be unequal to any conduct we’ve had in the future bread lines homelessness ship in the streets people living off of garbage out of cans and unfair practices with money like what burning Sanders is offering there is no such thing as free.

So check out my video blog and listen because it’s not gonna be easy nothing is ever easy in America but the American dream doesn’t have to die because of socialism or left politicizing race.

So is I post this I want you guys to talk about it I want you guys to think about it want you guys to enjoy it because the moment we stopped listening is a moment America’s gone we can’t be Communist we can’t be socialist but what we can be as americae nothing is free except our friends our love our family and our values.

Could Sex Be Enhancement

The impression of a healthy sex life what is it come from?

It could be body language I mean a smile and ran a frown sometimes the best type of sex life is regular everyday life you lives so does this extends to sex life.

I guess most positive thing is when you find the right kind of pleasure and your posatively in merged in someone’s body between tattoos are between how beautiful amazing they are.

So if physical is the feeling you get in your body when somebody touches you then the idea of love is going to be more tectonic when you feel the emotion.

The human body has many different types of pleasure points and one of the pleasure points from man is inside his rectum so the question is is what is your limit for pleasure to help your man feel happy.

So this is a picture of what the male rectum is from the inside and if you can achieve your ultimate pleasure it would be in both ends not just in the penis but in the rectum.

In the average time to achieve for pleasure is within a 1/2 hour for both men and women if done right.

So the physical feeling is to last longer than the mental then you need to discover your own body and by discovering their own body else and I discover what makes you feel good.

Easy matter to stay tuned for more because we’re going to be discovering more and we’re going to be talking about it in depth as you go along but never be afraid to experiment to touch to feel to know what is and to engage in physical pleasure on your body.


The most beautiful view is the one I share with you.Communication is the lifeline of any relationship. When you stop communicating, you start losing your valuable relationship.You want to see a perfect relationship? Watch a movie.殺You can love me or hate me I swear it won’t make me or break me. Goals provide the energy source that powers our lives. One of the best ways we can get the most from the energy we have is to focus it. That is what goals can do for us; concentrate our energy.☕

I love the way you smell

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🔞Anal Sex is What?💩

So would anal sex be wrong has a man they answer is NO.

17 Tips for Happier, Healthier Bottoming

So is recommended that you do wear a condom but at the same time you can expand yourself to know that being happy and making happy is about sharing.

By sharing I mean each other doing something special like each take turns producing pleasure around the ass

So I reference a prostate massage earlier on in my blog and I’m gonna reference in again here by posting a link called prostate.

Gently massage the prostate in a circular or back-and-forth motion using the pad of your finger. You can also apply gentle pressure for seven to 10 seconds, again with the pad of your finger rather than the tip.

So as much is you probly don’t want to the opportunity is there to explore that anal sex bit because it actually produces better sperm count and as recent study out this is 1 in 5 men who are open minded can actually enjoy it much better than men who are straight.

I have a couple of rules for guy

One don’t try anything you’re not used to

To always use protection to protect yourself and the person you’re with.

Youth LGBT Separation from families

Although specific estimates of the percentage of United States homeless youth who identify as LGBT vary widely, estimates generally fall somewhere between 11 and 40 percent.

Showing true should come from our Families . But when I think of homeless LBGT youth is disgusting to think that a mom and Dad would kick their own children out all because they are LBGT.

The equal rights movement is moving at a pace that would justify or quality and painfully true is when he see young teens on the street because of their families and willingness to accept their orientation and their commitment to themselves

Honestly you don’t need to judge my gender and I don’t see where you have the right to… I don’t see where you guys have the right to judge me for being who I am I never judge a person gender by their identity of by with the way they look.. To be absolutely honest I can judge somebody because I’m not Lord and that is absolutely truth if you’re going to judge me then the Lord should judge you as in unfit to be a person.

So criticize do whatever you want to but in the end you know the you cannot judge one person for being who they are because varying true faith to themselves is just the same as bearing true faith to America and standing together in unified harmony and understanding that love is the most endless life strength you can have.

Oral Sex

The best type of feeling is Skin on Skin especially when it come to skin tight feel and chills run up you as you anticipate.

First time your in unknow for Oral but the real anticipation come when you two are alone. And the first time undress your new partner with Eyes.

If the kiss is best oral then you’ve reach your peek.. And why would you care about oral sex?

The most common and Comfortable feeling in oral fashion of pleasure.the 4 rules and especially feeling.

1. Sensation is the real Oral Feeling and physical Feelings.

2. Act of sex is true oral pleasure of kissea on his Body and Tasting new site with many type of food that can enhance the sexual pleasure..

3. Trusting in each body in your partner hand and know real understanding of touch ans the motion of Massages each other Body .

4. Accountability and durability is part of having this oral experience so if you do not want to have a painful experience a little bit of a suggestion make sure that when you’re out shopping when you pick up a few like lubricants to help the night go smoother.

Final closing. To love and to have oral closeness and the idea of feeling the peaks of your partner’s body is to also make sure that you both are comfortable with it…

Just like with any part of the human body yet to take care and nurture it and also offer oral stimulation as well as physical stimulation a kiss attach a slight slide of the hand down the front of the man’s body can make you feel really special..

But just remember and take this to the bank with you because it will be your best friend don’t do something to him that you’re not willing to have done to yourself.

And share the loving moments that you get together as loving moments do not try and wreck them with hate or mask them with disrespect after showing so much love to one another..

So take a minute enjoy your partner and take a night and enjoy Real oral pleasure it’s for the taste of food on his body exploded Taste of syrup running down his skin and between everything you do is for a warm shower together because those are the moments pleasure is made of..


How do you define equality

Answer the quality is when you can look at everybody in the eye and tell them how you really feel and at the end of the day be happy with who you are it’s not about skin it’s not about believe it’s about being who you are to one another and in front of God and everybody loves should be a settled happiness and should not be hated on by anybody.

How do you define a Democrat

A Democrat is a left-leaning physically insane mentally unstable person who doesn’t care about America and I much rather spread hate than Joy. A statement very broad-based in nature but not so broad-based when you watch CNN MSNBC or CBS or ABC their hate is a parent and their disease is racism they defy what America stands for by supporting and anti-American like well let’s take for example Bernie Sanders or even Alexandria ocasio-cortez a New York congresswoman who has had no respect for Donald Trump has had no respect for America and still to this day valve to destroy the American.

How do you define selfishness

Selfishness is appear relevancy of illogical people who have always had hate and never had Joy people who bit join big group of anti-americans who parade out in the middle of the street holding signs of hate and dishonor and disgrace themselves in the light of Truth and evidence. But we bear the shame very well I mean America has been through the worst and the best and we will not let socialism be our last stop I last stop will be death before socialism.

How do you see America

America has been defined by Happiness by Family by friendship by Blood Sweat and Tears and by 45 presidents some good some not but I think we’re going to refer to the 40th President Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan made a speech and he talked about how to bigger government could destroy America and how socialism could kill the American dream and the idea that the American dream would I was so far-fetched so out there the questions of panic and curiosity became a reality he fought through a very uneducated crowd of people who didn’t care about American values but cared about their pocketbooks and these people will called socialist. Taking money from the rich taking money from the poor and claiming it as their own it was called communism it works in Russia but it will not work here in America because the American Spirit is too big and too far built to become Russian.

When you listen to Ronald Reagan and you listen to Trump you kind of get the same message just in a different tone and in a twentieth-century way we’re in 2020 ladies and gentlemen we’re in America we’ve built American Ingenuity we’ve conquered Wars we’ve survived the Roaring 30s with a lot of death but we can to a stronger than before socialism is not going to work in America if you believe that Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders or any of those communist Democrats are going to make America better you’re wrong..

Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren both have the same Epitaph printed on their papers that is printed in the website’s they’re willing to risk the American dream on 400 trillion dollars of free healthcare free college and all this stuff that can’t be free because if College was free America would be in the shiter and there would be no Government funding left to find real Ingenuity to find real America or to even build a social security retirements fund..

Democrats are full of racist
Democrats are full of Anti America
Democrats are full of liars
Democrats are full of Russia Communist
Democrats are full of Judgmental people.
Democrats are Full of 2 tier justice

So in one word they’ve all done this Adam shift Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren all these Democrats have two tiers of justice but they will not convicted the one who did the most damage to America and that would be Hillary Clinton. Then got Nancy Pelosi ripping up the State of the Union speech on National Television just because she thought it was the right thing to do and yet these Democrats are not held accountable for their actions so how many of you think I’m wrong

A lot of people don’t care about America and I understand why they don’t because they want everything just hand it to them and they want people to pay for their stuff but that’s not how America was built that’s not hear America’s done this isnt how our America runs

Thanks 3 Year Blog

So 3 years ago when I started this blog I did it to push the questions to get answers through years later I’m glad I pushed the questions to get answers because that means that I’m reaching people on a more logical base level and it is ever a good time for conversation it’s right now

And 3 years later I would never change what I do I speak to and Justice I spark the conversation and I 5 for what I believe in and I want to thank all my readers for 3 wonderful years thousands a great blog posts and one amazing type of people there is out there who is willing to comment follow and give me their opinions check me out on Facebook and thank you once again for the amazing 3 years.

Does size matter?

So there’s always been a question of size man questions over the other man size and like they really think it matters but the honest answer is is it doesn’t matter.

See the argument has been made for years that size matters and according to doctors it does mount matter one bit.

What if I was to tell you the the size of your pene’us is actually realistic in nature?

According to the team’s analysis, the average flaccid, pendulous penis is 9.16 cm (3.61 inches) in length; the average erect penis is 13.12 cm (5.16 inches) long. The corresponding girth measurements are 9.31 cm (3.66 inches) for a flaccid penis and 11.66 cm (4.59 inches) for an erect one.

Search the argument is this size matters then this should be another argument made and I think this one’s very compelling can parable to what you’re going to hear there’s a comparable argument between ego and pene’us size and of the man’s ego is bigger than his pene’us then why is it not talked about?

So there’s a real conversation out there about egos and penises then make it work in favor of who you are stop comparing yourself to somebody who you are not the male ego can sometimes be oversized and in capability size it’s not really that big. Coming soon


So there’s some hypocrites out there who want to see equality is important but there’s also some a quality experts out there who say that we have a quality.

As a part of this blog I’m collecting information for a film application that I’ve created a noun like you to fill it out and give me your opinion and also just answer all the questions to the best of your abilities.


There is no love like the love for a brother. There is no love like the love from a brother💖💖

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Just Be You!

To love without condition, to talk without intention, to give without reason, and to care without expectation this is the heart of a TRUE FRIEND.

So I continue to push things for equality and speak to what I believe and that’s why I opened up an application for all you to fill out I really want to build a company around film entertainment blogging and stuff like that but I need your input to make it happen check out the application


We are most alive when we’re in love♥💋.

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5 final Song

There’s nothing in life that makes me happier than loving you. You’re my sunshine in the morning and my starlight in the night.I want you to look at me like you’ve never looked at anyone else. I want you to look at me like I have something other Friends don’t.

💋Happy  Valentine’s day💗

💖To all of WordPress💗

Organized religion against LGBT

So just like everything else I’m to push the limit of what I say but how can you be in organized religion when there is many people out there who don’t even accept gay lesbian transgender or bisexual people in their churches.

So it’s a definition but it’s the church and supplys where you’re supposed to go and seek forgiveness and be loved by all brothers and sisters but yet in that same church they think it’s a sin to love your other man and I have to ask how can it be a sin when God put us on the surf to love our fellow brothers and sisters?

See that’s my issue is that people go to church and then they basically are races towards the LBGT movement. And somehow we ignore that to fix our issues we don’t conserve the issue we just ignore it.

So crossed all Res it’s happening I and the one thing I find very undisputable is that what is the difference between loving a woman and loving a man if it’s so badd then maybe there something wrong with societee in itself and church is not the place to have that.

So their whole debate can be centered on church can be centered on Christ but I think that the most Ferris conversation can be had when 2 people who love each other don’t commit to a church but commit to themselves true that God is our savior from of the God is our love from a God that is our life because there wasn’t for God we would not have the sanctity of life.

I’m not too sure but I think marriage is over rated in some fashion and I also think that it is a crude fasheous statement to make against regular people and the problem is is it I just have to question everything about people who go to church and then bash the other side of the church for the LBGTQ movement.

So to me this is cute this is well this is life this is everything you want it to be in a relationship but this relationship changes how you look at things and if you’re not open minded you gonna find it prale repulsive.

So in closing I cannot organize behind Ron religion and people you ask me to out to and isn’t organize between behind one child because the truth is is it there’s no 1 religion that stands out to me they’re all fake they’re all made up to help somebody else and no religion I believe is it there is a God out there who excepts all people as they are and respects that as it is

Hello I’m Brandon I’m 32 years old and this is my next step in my unity projects I’m not saying that churches badd and I’m not just saying that church is good what I am saying is that we cannot organize a religion when we organized hate for those who this don’t believe in it.

So if you believe that religion is too organized then share your comments because I wanna hear and I don’t care to hate me but you’re not gonna hate me for being honest tell me what you really think give me your 1 on 1 opinion of this blog because it’s about reaching a conversation and if I aint reach into conversation then I reaching anything.

Love has Diversity?

See love has diversity it’s just not so diverse when people close their minds to it and love has its dynamic to if you’re open to a full on understanding of infrastructure of love in this form

So if this is not diversity then it’s broken and with beautiful things like this it is has to change from it is to it will be changed

Our diversity is the diamond our understanding is the person the people the where the wind the how and all these things then we have admitted through hard work and tears are about to be broken bruised and battered by the other side.

We’ll see this is diversity this is skin Ace’s the human flesh in its real tone this is the ace in the hole that people don’t see who always looking at the heart or the rhythm of a heart.

Is this too diverse is this what you guys were caused by his racism a man kissing woman. But wait if that AM diversion of then having another man kiss another man is got to be the most diverse right.

Say this is diversity this is not hypocrisy this is love one man live in another man I consider it a beautiful sight 1 man and rapture in himself and other man is beauty but they who question diversity also question the moral?

Jesse small at the man who claimed that he was racially bashed for being gay and this man lied small at is just like you sounds hes a small let of what is going on in our societie not just in our societie but in societies around the world.

So if you want unity back my project if you want disappointment and sadness and hate back the democrats burning a tell you what I’m gonna make you a promise it’s twenny twenny now in 10 years I will get my unity project one where the other.

And wanna know why because unity can create diversity diversity can create love and love can create life and life can create understanding.

Some verse strong words that the people at their need to hear and the biggest joke is is if you say diversity the democrats and the far left holler racism.

See I remember when what you see in this picture would be considered racism because back then there was actual racism going on now it’s become a weapon a zation word for the democrats to try and extort or pillage America for true hate.

The psychosomatic type of person that a running in the presidential election on the democrats side like Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Pete Buddha jeje and all these socialist have no idea what’s going on outside their party they don’t care because they’re feeling hate and despair and sadness to try in engage the American people.

Here’s a man who’s been feeling diversity here’s a man who’s been feeling infrastructure here’s the man who gave us more money and reset the government were should be within the government hears the man who said I’m going to hold to my promises and I’m going to keep them no matter what and you know what hes kept every one of his promises ladies and gentlemen the president of the United States the 45th president of the United States Mr. Donald John Trump.

So you wanna meet the man who field real diversity who stomped out hate and yet kept fighting for the American dream and stood on a stump and Washington DC after the March in washington and spoke to the I have a dream and fought for everything that people now take advantage of yet we The Outsiders were not there to see it so I guess that makes us the slaver.

So if more Luther king spoke the I have a dream speech then I’m guess I’m going to take up the next one which is I’m going to have a University speech I wanna speak to the millions of people who are not listening and yet willing to follow blind dog into a known bad idea alley.

My name is Brandon I’m 32 years old and I’ve seen diversity broken I’ve seen diversity been bruised and I’ve seen a disgraced bunch of people stand on a stump and try to lead the blind into a death of sorrow and shame.

So I am a millennial I just amol and now I’m the millennial I’m the one who’s going to tell you that what the democrats of promoting is an unsafe work environment and the environment would be more deadly polluted then what it ever was what you hear is not so real as to what you’re going to see.

So allow me to speak to the socialis the American socialist the people who think bread lines of such a good idea and that having everybody on a $1000 month income is a good idea the one thing that war foot that they’re failing to see is how badd this is a trillion dollars is going to be gone like that and no millionaire or billionaire is ever gonna pay the bill that the democrats socialists are promoting.

Reality check I am not talking about a broken economy I’m talking about a broken policy that does not work.

Hello money off I’m telling you the truth something they’re not gonna tell you did you know that each one of their proposals cause upwards of 14 trillion dollars and would break the United States into the 2nd poorest country like Venezuela and we would be at the bottom of the food chain we would no longer be top of the heap we’d be at the bottom and those extreme socialist who on a promoter lie to try and courage truth it doesn’t work that way AOC the squad they’re faking what they tell you they know what they’re saying is lies they know what they’re telling you is a lie the truth can only come from those who know the economy.

This is who knew the economy these are the people who knew the economy best the United States of America this is what we built the United States off of diversity I said they have a lot of it

Meet the man who talked the talk and one the West John Wayne yet hes also the man that the left want to say is races wanna talk about racism you know when he was live things were different back then but now we’ve come so far and we cannot this shame a man for being who he is. Or who he was. John Wayne he was a man among men he respected women he respected the good old West he made history when he made movies this was a man who respected you and a few cannot respect a dead man then who can you respect

Living and gentlemen my name is Brandon Vaughn I’m 32 years old and I may not be a movie star I may not even be a famous person but I dam sure know when I hear all here lives and I know when I hear half truce there is no truth to what the democrats are telling you and their diversity is not diversity it is splitting the country down the middle Nancy Pelosi all these democrats want to tell you that this is about being diverse and doing what’s right for America are lying to your faces and you just like everybody else needs to know it’s a lie what the democrats are pushing art in possible ideas with a lot of hot air followed behind it.

See these democrats are blaming trump for the problems of California when it’s actually the governor and Nancy Pelosi is fault for California they’re not taking care of their problems so they’re willing to break blame our United States president now tell me something and you had chit in your food pissot on your streets and in the sir system and in the water drainage system once you feel embarrassed to know that your governor is blaming the present in the United States who has himself installed sanctuary safe places all over California just to make it more peel obal and have a poop patrol go around and pick up human feces.

And see the biggest joke on the American people was the impeachment trial of Donald Trump the biggest joke on the American people was the fact that he colluded with the Russians nothing like that happen and the other biggest joke was that there was a big problem with his phone call with Ukraine but there was no problem with his phone call with Ukraine we’ve heard the records read read the transcripts and if you guys care reading your stupider than a red dead redemption for XBox.

In those are you who want gun rights if you think handing the democrats the power of the presidency is going to change anything know cause they will yank the 2nd amendment right out from and a few and they will take your guns and they won’t give a damm who or what you say because they will find every American citizen unfit but the put the guns in the criminal’s hands to kill Americans to harm the a fellow American people and that’s the time were I’m going sit back and say I told you so.

So you wanna hear my speech send me a message I’m on Facebook and all make this unity speech until everybody across this world hears it even right here in the United States of America because I wanna be unified but I do not want socialism it’s not what it is snow white america was founded on and we can’t let it happen here in america socialism is the butterflies way out socialism is breaking American dreams socialism is not for america

Democracy vs hypocrisy

I know that some of you going to think wow how can he say this but I also know that that same group is going to want to hear the hypocrisy then I’m about to do on Democrats that shows just how far democracy is from their mind

So you’re probably wondering why it shows the vote and then it says democracy and diversity well that’s what we have to vote for we have to vote for the diversity in the democracy and then was a really shown diversity has been the Republicans.

As you can see here our past presidents have not done what Donald Trump has done for America and this is just proven beyond a shadow of a doubt how much this economy has meant to our United States government and to improving the infrastructure and the money that families around the country in the United States are getting under Donald Trump’s presidency.

I have been knowledge of this incredible amount of diversity but my blog is not about pushing diversity it’s about opening a conversation so how can you have a conversation when you don’t have diversity while let’s start here.

Well this was a true picture I would say that this would be awesome because it would be showing true faith and bearing no shame about supporting our current 45th president of the United States Donald John Trump.

So what if underwear were considered a part of a race what is the underwear you’re wearing right now was part of a race would you be racist towards the underwear that other guys wear?

I mean diversity and democracy go together but yet I don’t see it so I have to ask is this about race or is this just simply about money who’s going to get the bigger check. I know that this might sound horrible and this might be just another one of these crazy post to get people’s attention but no it’s a conversation.

So this is what democracy is then we’re representing a racist type of democracy because these people do not care about us this is Kate Brown governor of Oregon she claims that she represents democracy well she doesn’t represent it very good she represents division

This is Warren and Sanders current in running for presidential election of 2020 and you know I really have to say that I don’t see much democracy in these two I see the vision because if one thing I know it’s hate these two have so much hate that racism is not even a word I used to describe the Democrats meet Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren the most hypocrisy bound Democrat you’re ever meet in the United States Senate.

Meet United States Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon this ladies and gentlemen is a true hypocrisies if I’ve ever seen one he follows a fake media like little dogs to an endless war and he continues to publish fake news on his Facebook.

The biggest hypocrisy with our United States Senate and the Democrats and the house Democrats is it they don’t have real change in mind they want to set us back 500 years from now and then want to go back to hybrid lines high taxes High food cost everything that doesn’t save America the destroys America these people are the ones to do it

Lifestyle is Particularly  LOVE is LOVE

Love is making differences between Man 💗.. Is making different in LIFE of real Lifestyle being who you are.

If you be real about Friendship  then you half way home in relationships with Love.

#ManLoveMan is accept by current standards. If you can love the. You understanding of lifestyle in many different way.

In my first project it call bring Unity to Community. And inviting real Conversation about Life as part of LGBT CULTURE.

I love see unity and I love see beautiful new Day of life being true to heart.. Because of who you life could make the alternative inside mind..

If other man offend you . Then you should offended by your own body cause when you talk body and man and woman.

The true love inside you heart and mind together.

We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

Saluting Black History on LGBT

As much as black History is happening I wanna to being light to African Americans LGBT Movement as it matter to be honest about love and so I’m feature relationships with brother sister in African Americans community.

And big part of relationships is knowing that love is love and I share 100% respect and Responsibility for make good relationships with prospective man or woman in your life..

Article: Key Fact for Relationships

I’ve made it real conversation for building relationships for real life Appreciation for Committed to love , respect and understanding together.

Articles What men want in dating and marriage

Now I appreciate love for real people and if you want truth just be honest with yourself and your love can be totally Magical relationships.

I Brandon will always support true love and I will support real love all the around true understanding.

From being real about a relationship can make the whole difference and that’s why I support any kind of relationship at any point in hurts to see then maybe there’s something that they’re doing right that were not or that they’re doing right that you just don’t understand so do not judge any relationship.

extend personal Thanks Davey Wavey for “Male Health”

Meet Davey the YouTube Master of Real Conversation when it come Dating and his integrity is untouchables. I wanna say Thank You because this truly real Talk Ponit. Thank You Davey

YouTube: What in your butt Challenge

Real Hit Masturbation and Prostate Massage is Our 🔑 Push

Our real talk is Focus of mangasm . it real interesting cause when we talk about Male Body you never really talk about Men Orgasm.

This could really crossing the line but after Defection I have decide to push the edge again. And weather you support this or you really need to listen. Cause this because we’ve got question of size?

And the honest answer size dont matter when reaching for true peek of happiness.

YouTube: Steve Harvey Size Dont matters

Okay now if you really into this then let make reality of fact that Common sense is you Don’t wanna go take stuffs shavimg up you associated butthole because It could be dangerous.

Article prostate Massage and what it feel 👍

Male Orgasm via 2 very important processing

Male can orgasm and just woman the true is it uncontrollable some fashion. But your really wanna seek professional Help if you have Question.

Article. Understanding Male Orgasm full Body massage

When you read the following article your really wanna catch this Sunday where I go more indepth and I using stalking Points from this Sunday 5pm Pacific time and 8pm Eastern Time

We Going forward and I would like to Extend the invitation to LGBT Community to Join me this Sunday..

I’m will Sunday Live streaming on Castbox Subject: Male Body Conversation

Male and Female Full Body Orgasm

I am wondering how many wanna feel full body Orgasm from a Full Body massage?

Could stand laying nude on table while a massage your whole inside out?

If you worry then we all lose the sense of safety. Then is not for you cause this put nake with a towel lay over the top of you while the one you trust is warming on and touch you whole body.

To perform a prostate massage: Stroke your penis until it is erect or semi-erect and your arousal level is roughly six on a scale on a 10 (10 being an orgasm). Apply lube liberally around the anus with your finger. Insert your index finger slowly to the first knuckle and start masturbating.

This can be amazing. The sexual pleasure can be exciting and Engaging your body from Head to Toe.

Introduction anx how to profrom male body Orgasm

Tips Man for prostate and Orgasmic

Never frown because you never know who is falling in love with your body and smile will massage create male Orgasm.💕 💖💞💕

You are only one workout away from a good mood 💪🏻💪🏻

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Perhaps disrespectful

Okay, so perhaps me watching the presidential speech was a little ostentatious and at the same time it was more than shocking after watching tonight’s presidential speech.

A sad Democratic party show signs of weakness under President Trump his comeback America speech was amazing. I would give it a 10 out of 10 stars and I give the Democratic Behavior a simple one out of five piss-poor professional behavior is what you’ve come to expect from your Democrats in office..

Response Ron Wyden

If you want to see what Donald Trump would do with four more years, look back at his record of ignoring the problems typical families face over the last three.

Trump’s key legislative accomplishment is a tax handout for multinational corporations, special interests and the wealthy, and he expects working families to praise him for it. With another term, he’ll send those working families and seniors the bill for his $2 trillion tax giveaway and claw back their hard earned health care and Social Security benefits.

Americans are still getting mugged by drug companies every time they walk up to the pharmacy counter, but Trump hasn’t lifted a finger to lower drug prices, and has even discarded his campaign promise to let Medicare negotiate. His administration’s recent attack on Medicaid is just the latest example of how it’s shredding the safety net and making it harder for millions of Americans to get ahead.

Bottom line, the Trump administration has been a terrific success at helping the powerful and wealthy build on their power and wealth, but it has failed at addressing the key kitchen table issues that keep typical Americans up at night.

I’m not just going to respond Ron Wyden. I’m going to respond to other things, but I want to tell mr. Whiting that as a tax-paying citizen and is a person who sees how. Sonic your party is I suggest you look before you speak of Trump.

So if your inaction is the ability to not act fairly on behalf of the taxpaying people and your credibility is so low, then why don’t you do something about it? Why don’t you prove to the American people that you actually are for America and not for anti-American statements..

I mean, I watched the Senators I watch the Democrats. I watch drawing you you basically had no perspective. No respect for the Constitution are no respect for the morals of being a part of the greatest moment in history. And at the end of the speech your house Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore up Donald Trump’s speech just turn up like it didn’t even matter..

Lowe’s Democrat or not listening, you’re not showing any appreciation for America. You’re not caring about American values and the most important thing that President Trump. Where is you’re not showing support for the American Ingenuity and the American Revolution. This is a restart to what America should be and he is presenting the American dream get your f****** ass is off your ass and do the job we pay you to do..

God bless America And go Trump America.

About me for friend

I’m single by choice, but not lonely. I love music, books and adventures. I’m more into a person’s mental beauty that can actually hold up a good conversation in just about any aspect in life.

I’m looking for Friends. And I’m looking for Friends with benefits I host but I’m still open to pleasure of life and Sexuality. I’m seeking age 24 to 36 years.

I’m 32 year old. And I’m 5ft 6in tall and I’m Brown Hair and Brown eyes and weight at 200lbs.. Open to finding friend and may people who accept me for who i am as peraon.

I’m Blogger and I’m building entertainment business.. I am looking for new sexual activity including Many other type. Love to have real and Respect for beautiful tone man

Man Bottock Talk

So what if I told you the true behind the man ass. then if I total best inside their butthole

Now can and will make you feeling like your sperm is ready to come out and in fact it would be amazing addition to sex life. But your wanna be sure.

If you get you then you’ll 1/2 of men who common interests. With other 👨.

See their honest this research and so when as why. The real question should be how come ?

See we all have skin but for pleasure is front of them and for man it’s behind them inside the asshol.

Real truth is we have accepting this fact and let just say it amazing what you really about. Man ..

Could this be bad type hate in 🇺🇸?

Do you honestly believe that your local And state officials isn’t just raists ?

Right now in America this Happen it could be happening to you in from of Taxation.

I’m making that Party of Raistm is in it self racists . Each one of their pick out a one kind of people.

But what if I charge you 1% of the Taxation on Money you’ve already earned?

Now let say that in 3 year if hold that. Money were charge you 2% of saving?

Let make. Real clear comparison

1 you have $1500 in saving. 2 you have over $600 in your check . now let they tax you 2% of earned income equal $1470 left and we move to checking $600 that 2% tax eqaul $588

Now this what fair taxation according to Sanders and Warren

I’m really sense unfairness. This would be act of aggression toward these hardworking Americans.

In many way the Democrats have been race bating the United Ststes.

The most recent United States Census officially recognized five racial categories (White American, Black or African American, Native American and Alaska Native, Asian American, and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander) as well as people of two or more races

If true is right then time impeachment to call out fake Democrats..

Hidden behind truth about Sexuality

So at any rate of writing Mr. Otherwise I always push the limit. So I found sexuality to be my next push to limit do you hide your sexuality the hide because you’re afraid of embarrassing somebody or do you hide because you’re afraid that somebody else in your family might disown you?

Would you hide your sexuality as a man a here actually bisexual but told everybody around you you are straight.

I know how that goes it lasted till I was about 21 and and finally came out and said I am bisexual you know the strange things between mankind and the way we live our lives often reflect on our families.

I voice heard that admitting you are makes you stronger and better as a person but can you actually perform to who you are

Truth is always stranger than fiction and my blog is just one of many willing to push that truth to the very end if you are bisexual than seeing a man naked would turn you on seeing a woman naked would do the same thin the exceptions to the rules is it if you’re gay any woman that walks by you without clothes on will never ever turn you on.

Now I know that there’s ages out there a lot younger than me did have questions song of be something new I’m gonna give these younger generation folks a chance to spell in their little fantasies and theories and dive whatever they want into its.

I’m Brandon Vaughn and I’m bisexual what I’m doing here on this blog is I speaking on the silent part of people who don’t wanna speak who are afraid they say something there be in trouble but the reality is if they don’t see something it’ll hurt not just them but their future.

Hello… Could all of my friends or family members copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.

Just two. Any two. Say done.
If you are struggling call
Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday

So if this means anything to any of you remember I love you is a strong set of words to anybody a you really love them you will support them care for them and give them proper guidance.

A genie doesn’t come out the bottle when you’re unhappy there is no one out there is going to give you all the things you need but there is something out there that will help you to be successful.

And that is what’s called being to your being real being true being excepting being what you want to be bisexual friends gender lesbian gay it really doesn’t matter just as long as you remember you are where you are because you’re successful and you know what you wan.t

Rumbl insight

This start of two part video cause I wanna intro each talk point. And tell that this app is amazing. And I am excited to announce new interactive features for my blog.

This means that I have response video. And it really Advertising their great content. Real conversation start with your response on Rumblr app.

Come follow and you could make response appearances. Check the app follow .

Braking overnight


Secret service agents opens up about former  Vice President  Joe Biden and give in depth about some very critical  issues dealing against American Dreams.

“President Trump and his allies have made a barrage of allegations and insinuations — some legitimate, others fabricated — about the activities of Joe Biden and his son Hunter in Ukraine”

Now in: Their 2 Ukraine officials. Return for Tell all story involved the Biden Family and  Nancy Pelosi Family.

“True: Beginning in 2014, Hunter Biden served on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, that faced allegations of corruption. He was paid “as much as $50,000 per month,”

This Broke last year about Obama administration

“True: Joe Biden was the Obama administration’s point man on Ukraine while his son was working for Burisma, visiting the country several times from 2014 to 2016.”

“True: The then-vice president did tell Ukrainian leaders they had to fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin to get $1 billion in U.S. aid, according to a version of the story Biden himself told in 2018.”

Relate to “DOJ” report on  Inspector general’s report.

Top 5 name that I know is  Guilty including   A slew of house democrats as it relate to Hillary Clinton’s and Joe Biden

James C. Former head of the FBI

Struck And page former FBI agents.

Democratic national committee

Adam Schiff D-California

MeetMe Vs Porn Site

Search you’re looking for a place to get a lot of porn sites sent you meet me is a good start.

So this lady has an issue she doesn’t seem to realize that I’m a writer I’m a Blogger and I’m going to point out what she sent me the link you see is to pornsite it’s not actually to communicate it’s a pornsite.

This later did the exact same thing with the exact same length so you know something guys if you really fauna find love when I really want to make friends meet me is apparently not the place to go.

See I have to ask why?. And wonder if meetme is really about making friends or if it’s about women sending men to other sites to talk to them and all away from Anchorage Alaska to the East Coast I find this

See this is an ostentation sent me. That woman I just posted send me the same thing I mean this is just unbelievable.

So I guess if you’re looking for poor and sites meet me is the place to go and I’d actually recommend that if you on a find real love not use me me because there’s nobody real on the site

Martin Luther king jr.

The wonders of life 😁😎……….

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Martin Luther king junior ,Monday January 20th 2020.

We remember the day we remember the time but how can we ever forget the moment?

It’s one moment of time where 1 man stood up and spoke to millions of people all over the world and made 1 voice ring loud and clear he gave the I have a dream speech he spoke to the men the women the spirit of unity and prosperity.

We can prosper in him speaking we can take unity in who we are we can accept and stand together as brothers and sisters and let the division not be fall us but to stand together you must find happiness.

See the American dream is lost on our fellow democrats they don’t want the American dream they won a whole bunch of politics and not a lot of care they’ve created hate in America when this man created love and the I have a dream he stood together he stood side-by-side and he marched on Washington .

But are you look at it now 20 tueni we don’t have that cunning unity twenny twenny we don’t have that kind of prosperity twenny twenny the democrats don’t care and in the year of 2020 there is nothing more divisive mutt nothing more misunderstood than hate.

Today you are feeling like your left or you’re looking for an answer for today’s, Solemn moment remember the I have a dream I remember this video because not all moments come back to life like this man.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Died before his time remembered phrase speeches and in America he was the spirit of the American dream and I think of you is alive today I think he would call what the democrats are doing as divisive and hate filled and nothing more than just the vision in America by the democrats.

Thank you

God bless Martin Luther king Jr


From Ron Wyden Scirpted

So I may not be a good reader but I can sure as hell break down a letter that’s been scripted and it’s the same thing that the Democrats have been sending everyone and their supporters telling them how they’ve done the ferris job they could but when you watch it on TV it’s not so fair.

So I’m going to send I’m going to put the first part of this letter up and then I’m going to put it up in sections as I talk about it

Dear <<Salutation>>:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the impeachment of the president. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

The House of Representatives has voted to impeach the president on two counts: The first, abusing the presidency for his own political benefit and the second, obstructing Congress from doing its Constitutional duty to provide oversight of the executive branch. As a juror in the impeachment proceedings, I intend to look at all of the evidence and vote for a just outcome, not a political one.

Now I hate to be like this but this sounds so script is that the real truth is is that we paid each other off and they come up with this letter I mean he got paid off come up with this letter it doesn’t break any of the Democrats regular thinking typical Ron Wyden never there off the nurtured path of what governor Kate Brown would have him say

So far as much as I might like to torture myself this is very much scripted by not just this Governor but every governor in every Democratic state so just listen to just read the rest of this letter cuz it’s from Ron Wyden but it’s actually from Ron Wyden through Kate Brown .

Democrats have proposed a fair process, with a limited list of witnesses to be called-Mick Mulvaney, John Bolton, Michael Duffey, and Robert Blair. The process also calls for subpoenas for a limited list of documents regarding aid to Ukraine that the White House has refused to turn over. This is the same procedure used in 1999 that both parties agreed to. In response, Senator McConnell made an outrageous announcement on Fox News that he plans to ram through a partisan resolution essentially written by the president and his defense team, instead of agreeing to a fair, bipartisan process.

See that’s the thing I don’t believe that bipartisan was used to impeach this President I believe that hate and racism refused to impeach this President because Nancy Pelosi and all those people that live in that house or representatives were pure infuriated by the fact that the American people voted for Donald John Trump as president of the United States.

The American people deserve to hear the full case for impeachment-with all of the facts-from the House managers. The factual basis for impeachment will be presented and Donald Trump will have an opportunity to defend himself. My colleagues on both sides of the aisle face a choice: are they going to endorse a sham process designed by the person on trial, or will they uphold their oath of office and call for a full airing of the facts?  

The American people deserve to hear the full case for impeachment-with all of the facts-from the House managers. The factual basis for impeachment will be presented and Donald Trump will have an opportunity to defend himself. My colleagues on both sides of the aisle face a choice: are they going to endorse a sham process designed by the person on trial, or will they uphold their oath of office and call for a full airing of the facts?  

Don’t have be fact check this because this all scripted.for democrats.