Before we start talk the riots and unrest in America has to End. BECAUSE your not helping Groege Floyd’s Family. When your rioting in public and creating continuous unrest your voice aren’t being heard.

Groege Floyd’s Die because of Over zealous Police officer didn’t listen or care.

But this isn’t making a difference and all your difference you acting out of hate and disrespect and Desperate to seek Street Justice.

This image isn’t what was founded on riots and hate and when doing this you Degrace to yourself and the community around you. Destroy property and burning cops car and building and striking fellow man isn’t settling this problem.

Time for more productive activities and stop the hate.

First the riots in American has to end for 1 month and then 2 weeks after that people need to start talk before the month ends.

This is people fault and public relations decline to handle this issues so now I calling to Action American.

It start with me asking all American join for public Facebook frome to talk this and make effective move to keep peace moving by ask all communities of people to become team members with me and we create a new day by working together ❤.

But we first have start being accountable for the actions of riots and help fix the businesses and clean our street and come together for real insight conversation..

BREAKING 1 police arrested for 3rd degree Manslaughter and Murder

Derek Chauvin is in jail for murder and Manslaughter 3rd degree charged ..

If Groege Floyd’s death mean anything to people then it we start talk .

What I need is support and people who are willing Collaborate with me and making a plan action without potential polical favors..

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