Are Buying the Party Racism July 4th

Is independent  Day really only one people holiday? As remember I celebrated the 4th with friends and it wasn’t just one people their was more the just one  Ethnic origin their.. Now I’m sure that people all over America celebrate 4th of july.. I know  their group of people who risk life and liberty 🗽to … Continue reading Are Buying the Party Racism July 4th

Brandon I’m Thinking

I’ve been trying for some months to point out my feelings about things. First I can’t really recall a time where people would be so selfish and Uneducated to realize the truth about life. You can go church on Sunday and be realist at church and we all say our prayers and get our Blessings … Continue reading Brandon I’m Thinking

THE America Constitution IS burning in HELL

You have all make choices and we all have our right to refuse service and this the unfortunate side to taking our first amendment rights. When you pick a Firestorm you don’t start with real America cause they fight back.. Now if it was me I have difference of opinion but this Gun shop own … Continue reading THE America Constitution IS burning in HELL

His majesty the king Ty Jones

Hi5Maj3sty has become official has newest line of merchandise roll out online story . ‘Tye Come here’s” T-shirt and you gotta check him out.. Here some the greatest video creator that is tye and royal lions are working on.. You be a Fan of a Man who does some amazing content and it got over … Continue reading His majesty the king Ty Jones

Breaking new look

Before my haircut . Now withy birthday in 12 day I’ve got my haircut cause the one wish come true.. bisexual #birthday #bdaywishes #entertainment #loveyou Now your turn to find a hair picture before and then get it cut for after ‘Haircut challenge’ I’ll tell you what is on plan 🙂 Hangout with friends if … Continue reading Breaking new look

Hate in Eugene Or

Eugene Police became aware of a planned protest at the US Federal Courthouse starting at 8pm on Saturday night. Based on activities in Eugene and other cities, EPD staff staged to protect lives and safety, and the group engaged in free speech activity, as they blocked streets, and as a counter-protest formed with several members … Continue reading Hate in Eugene Or