His majesty the king Ty Jones

Hi5Maj3sty has become official has newest line of merchandise roll out online story . ‘Tye Come here’s” T-shirt and you gotta check him out.. Here some the greatest video creator that is tye and royal lions are working on.. You be a Fan of a Man who does some amazing content and it got overContinue reading “His majesty the king Ty Jones”

Moment of love

Love is like birds, hold them tight they die, hold them loose they’ll never come back, hold them with care they’ll stay with you forever My goals don’t stop for anyone. Either you support me or make it happen alone. Either way, it’s going to happen. ❤❤❤💝❤💝❤💝❤💝❤💝 I will love to have this every dayContinue reading “Moment of love”